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Apr 18: All the Red Richness of Rhubarb
Soaring Eagle
Apr 17: One Person’s Opinion Of The Human Race
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Apr 15: Vitamin Supplements, What Do We Need & How Should We Store Them?

One Person’s Opinion Of The Human Race

Added April 17, 2014, Under: Environment

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I have a friend who is a deep thinker - in fact she makes me feel inferior and shallow - but I am sure she would be the last person to want to cause such a feeling!  I recently came across this "writing" of hers and asked if I could share it on this blog.  She kindly agreed and so here is what she wrote:   "I know that I have a pessimistic view of the human race. A friend inspired me ...

5 Bits of Food Advice Not To Take |

Added April 11, 2014, Under: Diets, Environment, Health, Nutrition

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Over the past few decades, we have been inundated with “advice” on what to eat and what not to eat (mostly by the mainstream media) and there is a strong probability that this is why, today, the general public is more obese and less healthy. Unfortunately, this advice is actually downright harmful. Are you aware of what this advice might be?  Here are five of them... Eating only the whites of eggs Whites are higher in protein, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, ...

Is it Time for Horses to Start Going “Au Naturel”? |

Added April 8, 2014, Under: Environment, Exercise

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  Horses are one of the most beloved of all animals and what little girl growing up does not dream of having her own pony? My husband and my children all learnt to ride when they were young, while my own connection with horses was to attend regular race meetings with my father in different parts of Kenya when I was growing up. Now we are living in an English village, it is lovely to be surrounded by different ponies and ...

It is Asbestos Awareness Week – April 1 to 7 2014 |

Added April 4, 2014, Under: Diseases, Environment, Health, Technology

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How much do you know about asbestos? We would like to share some information during this special week of awareness. A few facts of interest Every year around three thousand people are diagnosed with mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. On average, they are given ten months to live. Put it another way, three hundred days or  seven thousand and two hundred hours. Asbestos is still not banned in the USA with roughly thirty million pounds still being used every year. Even though it is thirty ...

Celeriac Is The Ugly Duckling Of The Vegetable World

Added April 2, 2014, Under: Environment, Health, How To

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Recently we were given some celeriac by a friend who had grown it in her veggie garden. We peeled and cooked it before mashing with some butter and soy sauce and serving. With its hint of celery and subtle nutty taste, it was delicious. It was the first time we had ever tasted it but certainly won't be the last. What is celeriac? Celeriac, also called turnip-rooted celery or knob celery, is a variety of celery cultivated mainly for its edible round ...

Sunning & Palming For Your Eye Health |

Added March 26, 2014, Under: Environment, How To

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I have come across a new and effective technique for your eye health and it is known as “sunning”.  This method helps to accustom your eyes to light and goes hand in hand with another technique known as “palming” which in turn accustoms your eyes to the dark. Your eyes are natural light receptors which are constructed to respond to light but if you work indoors, and particularly in a windowless and artificially lit area, your eyes are almost certainly not ...

Bringing Home The Bacon |

Added March 22, 2014, Under: Environment, Nutrition

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It is said that you can sometimes persuade a vegetarian to fall off the wagon by assailing their nostrils with the smell of bacon cooking! Few people can resist bacon and we are often told that it is an unhealthy food choice but this could of course depend on what type of bacon you choose. If you go for the cheapest cuts from factory farm pigs that are kept confined in crates for the whole of their lives, you are ...

Fracking & Will It All End Badly? |

Added March 21, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Health, Technology

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 Wherever I have lived in the past two or three years, the emotive subject of fracking has been hitting the local headlines. Yes, the USA, South Africa and the UK. And there are many reasons why fracking is so disliked and protest groups worldwide so vocal. Several countries have banned its use including Bulgaria, France, Germany and Ireland while the Czech government is seriously considering a ban. Many other countries have partial bans or moratoriums in place. What is fracking? Shale gas ...

How About Reducing Your Carbon Footprint For Lent? |

Added March 8, 2014, Under: Environment, How To, Top 10

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Even those who are not particularly religious will often give up something for Lent and, this week, the call here in the UK has been not to give up beer or chocolates but to make it a carbon themed sacrifice instead. We are only a couple of days into Lent so there is still plenty of time to make that decision and to keep it up for the next 40 plus days until Easter. It is said that a habit can ...

Looking After Your Hair & How Often Should You Wash It? |

Added March 6, 2014, Under: Environment, Skin Conditions

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We all have hair whether long, short or almost non existent so we all have to look after it. But perhaps there is more to looking after your hair than you realized. How to know when your hair is less than clean Our hair is affected by sebaceous glands. We all have these glands in our skin and they secrete an oily and waxy substance called sebum whose job it is to lubricate our skin and hair. Those same glands ...

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