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About Jane Chitty

Jane Chitty has been researching and producing posts for Healing Natural Oils for over a decade. As well as writing about the various conditions for which our products are used, she has also covered health, environmental, beauty and other subjects of interest. 
One of her pet subjects is that of Vitamin D and how important it is for everyone to raise their levels for optimum health and wellbeing.  Her interest came about when she joined the worldwide D*Action Project for several years which was initiated by GrassrootsHealth in Southern California (along with 42 leading vitamin D researchers) where older women were tested and monitored annually - and their results used for the benefit of others.

Born in Kenya where she spent her childhood, Jane has also lived in Cape Town, South Africa and spent time in San Diego, USA.  She now lives in Somerset, England with regular visits from her far-flung children and grandchildren.  She is a keen gardener and enjoys growing fresh fruit and vegetables with her husband on their joint allotment.  As a result, there is something available to use in the kitchen virtually all year round.
Jane has also written guest posts for other publications, including: Stop Overlooking the Importance of Vitamin D  for Health Works Collective, Feeding The Fear (preventdisease.com) for Prevent Disease, plus Steps To Help Minimize Vaccine Side Effects (organiclifestylemagazine.com) and Why Does the Younger Generation Today Often Sport the Lopsided Grin? (organiclifestylemagazine.com) both for Organic Lifestyle Magazine.