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What Would Happen If Bees Dissapeared?

Humans Can't Survive 4 Years Without Bees 

Fact or Myth?



So What Would Really Happen If There Were No More Bees?

According to a UN Report, 90 percent of the worlds food comes from about 100 crops. Of those crops, 70 are pollinated by bees. Humans are therefore extremely dependent on bees.

With No Bees, Will There Be a Lack Of Oxygen?

Yes, many plant species would become extinct as they rely solely on bees to reproduce.  Luckily Algae has a huge influence on the earth's oxygen supply, so oxygen wouldn't disappear.

So Is It True or False?

The statement is FALSE. Without bees, there would be a massive lack of pollination but other animals like butterflies and birds and many other insects would stil pollinate some crops and of course, so would the wind. Plants were pollinated by many insects and animals well before the honey bee was established in North America.