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General Product Information

Do you ship to Australia, Canada, NZ, Europe and other countries?

We ship all over the world, select "Global Shipping" when you checkout of our store.

I do not have a credit card, can I mail in my order?

To order by mail.. Select your products and proceed to the checkout page. Under -Payment Information - select "Pay by mail" as your payment method. This enables you to complete the transaction, print out the invoice which you enclose together with your check, postal order or cash.

Why use your formulas when there are many prescription and over the counter drugs?

Our formulas are all natural and contain established homeopathic ingredients. Many of these homeopathic ingredients used in the production at Amoils.com have properties that have been applied since ancient times and the success of these same properties have been upheld in modern times.

Can your products be used on children?

Our H-Eczema Formula may be used on children ages 2 and up. All other formulas: ages 4 and up.

I am pregnant, can I use your products?

Please consult your Physician before using any products if you are pregnant or nursing. H-Stretch Marks Formula, H-Varicose Veins Formula, H-Fissures Formula, H-Hemorrhoids Formula and H-Eczema Formula are formulated for pregnant and nursing mothers. Unfortunately we do not advise using the rest of our product range when pregnant or nursing.

Are your products used in any hospitals or by any doctors or medical professionals?

Yes, our products are used in medical practices throughout Europe and North America. We have many doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals who recommend our formulas.