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Amoils Rates and Referral Earnings

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Our health products cover a wide spectrum of topics. We offer only 100% natural, organic healthy products. We are a BBB.org listed business and have been in operation for over 8 years

We offer our affiliates 25% on all sales of products they refer to us, and 5% on all 2nd tier affiliate sales (sale from affiliates they have referred to our program)

Here is a sample of what you can make by partnering with us:

Amoils.com average order: $50

Average affiliate earnings on one sale: $12.50

5 referrals-to-sale from your website: $62.50

20 referrals-to-sale from your website: $250

50 referrals-to-sale from your website: $625

Average Clickthrough Rate (CTR): 5% (1 of every 20 customers)

Our Commitment to Our Partners

Our affiliate partners are our allies and business partners. Your success is based on our success, active communication and providing robust resources for you to use including fresh and enticing creatives / banners. flash banners, and custom consultation to help you increase your CTR, conversion, and organic ranking.