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Eczema Outbreaks Only Occur In winter - Fact Or Myth?

Eczema Outbreaks Only Happen In Winter

Fact or Myth?



Do Eczema Outbreaks Really Only Occur During Winter?

Eczema outbreaks can occur in any season and under a variety of conditions. So this is definitely FALSE.

Many environmental conditions can contribute to an outbreak. When the weather changes suddenly from hot to cold, this can trigger a flare up. But conversely, when the weather gets warm quickly, the same thing can happen.

Lots of other factors contribute to more frequent and severe eczema outbreaks. Many household products like soaps and detergents can cause an outbreak. For most people however, the biggest reason for increased eczema breakouts is stress.

Never use harsh chemicals on your skin to control eczema outbreaks. Instead, rather use a natural eczema product which is safe for all ages.

Even though some people experience worse eczema symptoms during winter, eczema can easily be controlled throughout the year with the right natural product and an awareness of your environmental triggers.