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Fracking & Will It All End Badly? |

Added March 21, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Health, Technology

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 Wherever I have lived in the past two or three years, the emotive subject of fracking has been hitting the local headlines. Yes, the USA, South Africa and the UK. And there are many reasons why fracking is so disliked and protest groups worldwide so vocal. Several countries have banned its use including Bulgaria, France, Germany and Ireland while the Czech government is seriously considering a ban. Many other countries have partial bans or moratoriums in place. What is fracking? Shale gas ...

Has the Modern Peanut Allergy Scare Been Blown Up Out of All Proportion? |

Added February 8, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Diets, Vaccines

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According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the peanut allergy is one of the most common causes of food-related death, with some 3.3 million being allergic to nuts. Nevertheless, in spite of what you might have gathered from the media, more than twice that number are actually allergic to seafood – and there is very little publicity about this. There is an increasing body of medical opinion that the measures taken in response to the threat may be an ...

Is the Mainstream Media Giving Vitamin D a Hard Time? |

Added February 2, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Vitamin D

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It is widely known that the mainstream media is well supported by the pharmaceutical industry (and its allies) when it comes to advertising income and so we should not be too surprised when that same media is so quick to jump on the bandwagon to attack anything natural or non-pharmaceutical that might actually improve our health. First it was vitamins under attack, now it is vitamin D A couple of months ago there were loads of headlines saying that vitamins were a ...

Is There A Link Between Poor Nutrition and Allergies & Other Conditions? |

Added January 11, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Diets, Nutrition

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Nearly everyone you meet these days would seem to be suffering from an allergy or chronic condition or has a friend or relative who is. For example, 1 in every 17 children has some type of extreme food allergy. Why is this happening and why are some conditions reaching epidemic proportions? Could it be because of poor nutrition and should we be trying to start the new year by making a concerted effort to improve our own nutrition and lifestyle habits instead ...

Treatment for ADHD |

Added November 15, 2013, Under: Children's Health, Doctors, Parents

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Doctors in many countries including the USA are quick to prescribe drugs as treatment for ADHD without delving deeper to find out what might have caused the condition in the first place. Some background info on ADHD ADHD (or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is diagnosed more often in boys than in girls, with boys more prone to have the combined type of ADHD while girls are more likely to have the predominantly inattentive type. ADHD tends to run in families. A child who ...

Parenting Children to Grow Up Healthy |

Added November 7, 2013, Under: Children's Health, Diets, Exercise, Parents

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  Perhaps now more than ever, parents have a huge responsibility in helping their children to grow up healthy.  The odds are stacked heavily against those children and in fact, some experts have pointed out that children today are in danger of being outlived by their parents. There are different kinds of healthy But it is not just being healthy in body and we will go into that a bit later on. It is also about children being healthy in mind and outlook. ...

What Makes ADHD Worse in Children? |

Added September 19, 2013, Under: Children's Health, Diets, Drugs, Environment

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Only children who struggle with inattention and hyperactive or impulsive behaviors around the clock are deemed to have ADHD and, if not dealt with properly, the symptoms can continue well into adulthood. So if the symptoms appear at school but not at home or vice versa, then ADHD is not the problem. Many parents are coerced into putting their children on anti-ADHD drugs as a solution instead of trying to find out what might have caused the condition in the first ...

Warts on Kids |

Added September 2, 2013, Under: Children's Health, Parents, Skin Conditions

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The three most likely warts to affect children are flat warts, plantar warts and common warts and all three are caused by the human papilloma virus or HPV. Young children are even more likely to develop warts because they are still busy growing and they have limited immunity. In addition, children easily get small cuts and lesions when they are playing or doing physical exercise, leading to breaks in the skin. Cracks in dry skin and wet, softened, fragile skin ...

Your breakfast Cereal & How Harmful Is It? |

Added , Under: Children's Health, Nutrition, Parents

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Breakfast cereals are often the food of choice and convenience for adults and children alike when they are caught up in that morning rush to school and to work. But how healthy are breakfast cereals and how well do they do the job of getting you going and keeping you going throughout your busy morning? Many do not Just 4 years ago and according to Cereal FACTS (Food Advertising to Children and Teens Score), which was developed based on the best available ...

Eczema in Babies |

Added August 29, 2013, Under: Babies, Children's Health, Environment, Parents, Skin Conditions

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Eczema is the name given to a group of conditions that cause the skin to become inflamed or irritated. It is all too common in children with some 20% being affected. All the toxic chemicals and other environmental issues are mostly why this figure is set to rise worldwide (particularly in industrialized countries) causing itchiness, pain and other discomfort so that our young children's quality of life is affected. Baby eczema treatment Baby eczema is a condition that is chronic and needs ...

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