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If you have skin tags, especially in a noticeable area on your body such as on your face or neck, it is likely that you will want to remove them. Skin tags tend to grow in those areas where the skin is relaxed such as around the eyes, under the armpits, on the neck or even in the groin.

Perform symptomatic skin tag treatment when the tag is still small and it will be easier and quicker for you. If you don't feel confident about diagnosing skin tags, see your doctor or dermatologist for a confirmed diagnosis before deciding what method of treatment you would like to choose.

Skin Tags

There are various methods of skin tag removal products and formats so you have plenty of choice:

  • Your doctor can use electro surgery after applying a local anesthetic in the form of EMLA cream. However, this method can be painful if used on larger skin tags and there is always the risk of scarring.
  • Your doctor can also remove thin small skin tags by snipping them off at their base using iris or Gradle scissors. A topical agent should be used but this can cause a stinging or burning reaction unless the area is first anaesthetized.
  • Liquid nitrogen is a further skin tags removal method used by medical practitioners providing a rapid and painless treatment for small skin tags where a non-toothed forceps is dipped into liquid nitrogen before grasping the stalk of each skin tag for about 10 seconds while avoiding the surrounding skin. This is particularly useful for those skin tags hanging off the eyelids because the procedure can be carried out while you are lying down and there is no danger of the dripping of chemicals or any other product near the eye itself. Sometimes skin tags can even appear on the eyelash area which makes it very difficult to treat, being so close to the eye.
  • Some people try to remove skin tags themselves by snipping off with a pair of scissors but please don't try this because of the risk of infection and bleeding. You might even mistake your skin tags for some other skin growth.
  • An old home remedy is to tie thread at the base of the skin tag to cut off the blood supply to the skin tag (they do have their own blood supply) and thereby remove skin tags. This method can be used successfully with small skin tags but it is messy and rather unhygienic in both appearance and use.

For a successful, safe, natural and painless way to treat the symptoms of skin tags in the comfort of your own home, use H-Skin Tags Formula.

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