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Looking for a New Healthy Beverage to Enjoy? Coconut Water Could Be Your Answer

Added July 28, 2014, Under: Environment, Nutrition, Skin Conditions, Weight Loss

tweet Coconut on a tropical beach

You might have noticed that the beverage – coconut water – has become very popular, with many companies jumping on the bandwagon to market and sell their own versions. Of course if you are super fortunate with access to fresh young green coconuts, you can make a hole in the thick skin of a green coconut and pour out your own coconut water ready to drink. But most of us don’t have that opportunity and have to look for a safe ...

Our Blog On Beards & How To Care For Them!

Added June 26, 2014, Under: How To, Men's Health, Skin Conditions

tweet Handsome young man in bed

Growing a mustache in the month of  November (as part of a cancer awareness program for guys) has been popular for the past couple of years, but now more and more American men are growing facial hair (beards and mustaches) all the year round - as a fashion and style statement.  Big corporations are even hiring models with beards for their advertising campaigns.  Do you want to grow a beard? Just like any other fashion statement, growing a beard can require some ...

What Is Astaxanthin & How Can We Benefit From This Supplement?

Added April 29, 2014, Under: Diseases, Health, Inflammation, Skin Conditions

tweet blog image - astaxathanin

The definition of astaxanthin, according to Wikipedia, is that it is a carotenoid, belonging to a larger class of phytochemicals known as terpenes, which are built from five carbon precursors; isopentenyl diphosphate and dimethylallyl diphosphate.  Information for the rest of us! But all we really need to know is that astaxanthin has been discovered to have antioxidant properties that are similar to vitamin A so that many have started to take it as a health supplement, available over the counter in various ...

The Healing Powers of Salt Water |

Added March 29, 2014, Under: Health, Inflammation, Skin Conditions, Vitamin D

tweet blog image - natural salt

For some years I have used a spoonful of natural salt in a glass of water as a gargle for the beginnings of a scratchy, sore throat - and it works every time. But there are many other health benefits from salt water. In fact, life itself is thought to have originated in the sea as single-celled creatures. Salt water in the past Sea water has a history of therapeutic use. Thalassotherapy (originating from the Greek word thalassa) involves warm sea water ...

Epsom Salts in the Tub for a Total Spa Treatment |

Added March 23, 2014, Under: Headaches & Migraines, How To, Inflammation, Skin Conditions

tweet blog image - epsom salts large

Most would hardly give Epsom salts a second thought but they are surprisingly full of health benefits. The salt is named for a salty spring at Epsom in Surrey (in the UK), and not too far from where I now live. In fact Epsom salts are not a salt at all but a 100% natural pure mineral, comprising magnesium and sulfate. Why do we need magnesium and sulfates? It is now known that both magnesium and sulfate are readily absorbed through the ...

Our Feet Deserve Some Extra TLC |

Added March 15, 2014, Under: Exercise, Skin Conditions

tweet blog image - acupressure 2

How hard do your feet have to work for you and do you ever think about how you can make life a little easier for them? If we neglect them, there is a lot that can go wrong with our feet. Blisters on your feet These are small pockets of fluid that form. While the fluid is usually clear, it can be red if the blister is filled with blood or an ugly yellowish/green if filled with pus and indicative of an ...

Age Spots & Should You Just Accept Them As Inevitable? |

Added March 8, 2014, Under: Skin Conditions, Vitamin D

tweet blog image - age spots

The words age spots are really not the kind of description you want to hear about a condition that usually affects visible areas of your skin (particularly the hands) as you grow older. Their other common name of liver spots is also a bit off putting. Sun spots would definitely sound more attractive, and not without justification either as too much exposure to the sun is the main reason for their appearance anyway. But please don't let that reason put you ...

Looking After Your Hair & How Often Should You Wash It? |

Added March 6, 2014, Under: Environment, Skin Conditions

tweet blog - HAIR

We all have hair whether long, short or almost non existent so we all have to look after it. But perhaps there is more to looking after your hair than you realized. How to know when your hair is less than clean Our hair is affected by sebaceous glands. We all have these glands in our skin and they secrete an oily and waxy substance called sebum whose job it is to lubricate our skin and hair. Those same glands ...

How Do You Contract Lyme Disease? |

Added February 15, 2014, Under: Diseases, Drugs, Environment, Skin Conditions

tweet blog image - Lyme disease

  For many years it has been understood that Lyme disease is an infection caused by being bitten by an infected tick. It is called Lyme disease after the name of the town in the USA where it was first described back in 1975. Since then, thousands of cases have been reported both in the USA and elsewhere.  However, in the summer of 2013, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that Lyme disease was much more prevalent than previously ...

Why is Shingles on the Increase? |

Added January 27, 2014, Under: Skin Conditions

tweet blog image - shingles

In the not too distant past, children would catch chickenpox as part of their childhood rite of passage and they would then usually be immune for the rest of their lives. The only drawback was the possibility of shingles developing later in life but this was less likely if they were in contact with their own grandchildren or other children (when they in turn had chickenpox) because such contact would mean a boost to the grandparents' own antibodies. Both chickenpox ...

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