Your Dishwasher Is Not Just For Dishes!

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attractive woman using dishwasher

Today, many people own a dishwasher and it is certainly a worthwhile investment especially when you have friends and family swelling the numbers. But owning a dishwasher comes with certain responsibilities and its use is not just confined to washing dishes. We have written before about the possibility of mold in your dishwasher and how, because it uses water, it can provide the perfect home for this undesirable visitor. Not only is your machine warm and damp, but the continuous use ...


How to Repair the Damage Caused by Sunburn

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Man with a sunburn

In spite of what the media and commercial sunscreen producers will have you believe, sunlight itself is not harmful but in fact extremely beneficial to your health and general well being. However, sunburn is harmful and if you are unlucky enough to suffer from it, then you need to take several steps promptly to undo this harm. Top ten tips to sort out the sunburn 1. Soak in a cool bath or have a cold shower (for as long as possible) for instant ...


How Steamy Is Your Bathroom & Do You Need To Fix It?

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Bagno verde con doccia spaziosa e lavandino

Bathrooms can be hot and steamy places and, while that may be a good thing to get rid of impurities in the skin, it can cause havoc on the room's ventilation - especially if there is no window to the outdoors. And we all know how much damage mold and mildew can do to your home and your possessions.  It makes no difference to the problem whether you choose to bath or to shower. What can you do to improve the ...


How About Reducing Your Carbon Footprint For Lent? |

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blog image - water-bottle-waste

Even those who are not particularly religious will often give up something for Lent and, this week, the call here in the UK has been not to give up beer or chocolates but to make it a carbon themed sacrifice instead. We are only a couple of days into Lent so there is still plenty of time to make that decision and to keep it up for the next 40 plus days until Easter. It is said that a habit can ...


How to Avoid the Dangers of Being PinPointed By Criminals as a Suitable Victim |

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blog image - self defence poster

I found some of this information floating around the internet and, although there is no source, I think it has enough value to make it worth sharing with you. Apparently, a group of rapists and date rapists (who were doing time in prison) were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim. Here is what they had to say Someone with long hair - they are most likely to go after a woman with a ponytail or other hairstyle that can ...


Are You a Yoga Novice or Even a Non Starter? Top 10 Tips to Get You Going |

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blog image - yoga mat

It is the beginning of a New Year and what better time for new beginnings and that old chestnut, the New Year resolutions. I have already made up my mind, deciding to join a yoga class for the very first time, with every intention of slowing down the aging process just a little! And being a blog writer, I had to find out what I was likely to be letting myself into and to share it with you. I contacted an ...


Remedy To Cure Acne Scars |

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blog image - Acne Scars large

Many teens and even twenties have to put up with acne but when the acne leads to scarring too, it just seems to be so unfair. Personal appearance and good looks are especially important to the young – their self esteem and feeling good about themselves is paramount. Acne is a major cause of facial scarring Fortunately, there are many different options open to teens and twenties to get rid of or lessen those acne scars so that they do not have ...


Top 10 Ways to Moisturize Your Skin Naturally |

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cracked coconut with splash

It is often said that you should never put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth. As long as you eat healthily, that is excellent advice because whatever you apply to your skin is quickly absorbed into the body and into the lymphatic system, including the many toxins (such as cancer-causing carcinogens) in skin creams and personal products. These top 10 moisturizers are all edible oils – great for your pantry cupboard and your bathroom shelf 1. ...


De-Cluttering Your Office, Your Home & Ultimately Your Life |

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amoils - storage boxes for decluttering

Now is always the perfect time to give your home and office a makeover, purging it of the excess papers, files, bits and bobs and other “stuff” that not only takes up valuable space in your physical environment but also in your mind. Think of it as a “life laundry”. Clutter can actually be a source of stress, prompting feelings of anxiety, frustration, distraction and even guilt. Do you suffer from a messy workspace or home (they usually go hand in ...


Top 10 Tips for Treating with Witch Hazel |

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Dickinson's Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is yet another natural remedy for a whole host of everyday conditions as you can see below. Keep a bottle handy in your medicine cupboard and you will find ten ways or more to keep on using it. You might think that this plant's name - witch hazel - has sinister implications but, with its healing properties, nothing could be further from the truth.  Witch hazel's branches were once used as dowsing rods, that is to locate water or ...

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