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Athletes Foot on Fingers

Athletes Foot on Fingers

What is athlete's foot?

Athlete's foot is a common fungal condition affecting the skin.  The tiny fungi grow and multiply on the human skin and if left untreated will get worse, leading to blisters and cracks that can become infected and even spread to the nails. Although mostly occurring on the feet, the fungus can also appear on the heels, palms and between the fingers.

How can a foot condition appear on the fingers?

Athlete's foot is very contagious so it can spread to other areas of skin including the fingers. For example, if you have a bandaged area on your hand perhaps covering a bad cut, the moist band aid can provide the ideal home for the fungus and the symptoms of athlete's foot can appear around the cut or wound.

What are the symptoms of athlete's foot on fingers?

The symptoms of athlete's foot (wherever it may occur) are:
  • Cracked, flaking, peeling skin
  • Red and itchy skin
  • Burning or stinging pain
  • Blisters that ooze or get crusty

If the fungus spreads to your nails, they can become discolored, thick and even crumble.

How do you treat athlete's foot on the fingers?

  • Keep the area clean and dry after washing regularly with a mild soap. 
  • Refrain from scratching.
  • Over-the-counter anti-fungal powders or creams can help control the infection. These generally contain miconazole, clotrimazole or tolnaftate.
  • If you prefer a safer, more natural approach, use a specially formulated essential oils product for treating athlete's foot.
  • All medications should be used for at least one to two weeks after the infection has cleared to prevent the infection from returning.

Athlete's foot almost always responds well to self-care.

As mentioned, Athlete's foot is contagious, and can be passed through direct contact or indirect contact with items such as shoes, socks and towels as well as shower or pool surfaces.

Although fairly uncommon, Athlete's Foot can spread to the hands, affecting the skin of the fingers, the web between fingers as shown in this picture.

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