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Yeast Infections - Amoils.com

Yeast infections are quite common in women. They occur due to candida or candida albicans overgrowth. Yeast infections occur mostly in the vagina, and according to estimates, as many as 75% of all women suffer from this condition at least once in their lives. And there are many who have frequent candida outbreaks.

yeast infection in petri dishThough the infection occurs mainly in the vagina, other parts, such as the mouth may be affected. For yeast infection to occur, the area must be moist and warm such as the mouth and the vagina. Yeast organisms such as candida are normally present in the body and they are usually beneficial. Only when there is an overproduction does the yeast cause an infection.

Yeast infections can be easily treated using over the counter products.

Symptoms of yeast infections include a burning and swelling in the vagina and there is some irritation and itching. There may be some pain accompanied by a white vaginal discharge. When there is a yeast infection, intercourse becomes extremely uncomfortable.

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