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Cellulite Causes, Treatment & Removal - Health Articles

There are so many causes that contribute to the development of cellulite that it is hardly surprising that some 95% of females are affected with this condition, to a lesser or greater degree.

cellulite on woman's legThe symptoms of cellulite are the appearance of that orange peel or mattress like areas of skin on mainly the hips, thighs and buttocks; those lumpy fat bulges that you can’t seem to lose. While cellulite is mainly considered to be a cosmetic condition, recent research has shown that changes over time in the body’s skin structure actually lead to the transformation of fat cells into cellulite. Proper cellulite treatment is recommended if you want to retain elasticity and smoother, younger looking skin.

Why does cellulite develop?

  • Digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and liver problems are often blamed for the development of cellulite on the stomach.

  • Constant stress leading to tension in the neck muscle, problems with the vertebrae and inflamed tissue is thought to cause cellulite in the back of the neck. Prolonged stress and the associated surge of adrenaline can even lead to increased fat storage in the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs.

  • Cellulite in the upper arms and legs is common in older women and is thought to be partly caused by impaired vein systems in the arms and legs.

  • Surprisingly, it is thought that too much leg exercise can cause the cellulite that appears on the front of the thighs. But this would not be the only cause.

Other causes of cellulite are:

  • A genetic predisposition will make you more vulnerable particularly if you have the kind of lifestyle that aggravates the condition.

  • The septae structure under a woman’s skin is very fibrous and mesh-like so it is prone to trapping fat cells.

  • The female hormones – estrogen and progesterone. The former encourages fat cells to develop and grow around the breasts, thighs and buttocks while the latter can lead to fluid retention, weak veins, and weight gain.

  • Pregnancy is a time for drastic change in a female’s body including fluid retention and a surge of hormones. The growing uterus can also affect circulation and lymph drainage. Any cellulite problems will usually get worse with each successive pregnancy. One bit of good news is that breast feeding is very beneficial for cellulite treatment.

  • A sedentary lifestyle is very bad for the blood circulation as well as the venous and lymphatic systems. Without muscle contractions and movement, those systems exert pressure and stretch the veins and lymph vessels. Once they are overstretched, they are more prone to fluid retention, leaking and poor circulation. A sedentary lifestyle also usually means weight gain which is another cause of cellulite.

  • Cigarette smoke is particularly damaging to vein and capillary walls, causing inflammation and leaking. Nicotine itself can affect your circulation.

  • Although a gentle massage with a healing product to the affected area is beneficial, if a massage is carried out improperly and roughly it can damage the fragile network of lymphatic vessels in the leg, causing a chain of events that can cause cellulite.

  • Overweight and obese women are more prone to getting cellulite. Any fat accumulation will also push the existing cellulite outward so that it is more noticeable.

  • Crash diets are particularly harmful leading to an increased tendency for the body to store fat.

  • High fat and sugar consumption often lead to excess calorie and fat intake causing an increase in body fat and then cellulite. Highly processed foods containing preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other additives cause a build up of toxins in the body and ultimately, cellulite.
  • Food allergies can also play a role because they lead to food craving, weight gain, bloating and water retention, all of which can lead to cellulite.

  • Unfortunately, aging plays a big role in the development of cellulite as our bodies become less efficient in getting rid of waste products, our circulation is not as good and we even tend to put on weight. Prolonged exposure to the sun can accelerate the skin aging process.

There is certainly no shortage of hereditary, environmental and behavioral causes for the development of cellulite in women.

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