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Anal fissures can be extremely painful because a fissure is basically an open wound in the opening of the anus so every time you need to pass a stool, this tear can be further aggravated.

anal disorders, fissuresFortunately you can start treatment of your symptoms early in the comfort of your own home with all natural H-Fissures Formula.

It is important both to ease the pain and to keep the bowel movements soft for this healing process to succeed. Here are some suggestions.

  • Take a mild pain reliever but avoid codeine which can cause constipation.
  • Place an ice pack on the affected area to help relieve discomfort.
  • Enjoy warm, soaking baths to soothe and help the anus to relax. You can also add some salt too to aid healing.
  • After your bath, apply petroleum jelly to the anus to lubricate before a bowel movement.
  • Never put off the urge to go the toilet even if you fear that it will be painful, because this could cause even bigger and harder stools to form, making them even more difficult to pass.
  • Wash the anus carefully with water only after a bowel movement and then pat dry very gently. Or you can use fragrant-free baby wipes instead of toilet paper to clean the area.
  • Another way to keep the anal area clean is to use an infusion of chamomile and witch hazel as this has good healing and shrinking properties.
  • Make sure not to scratch, however tempting it may be, as this will make the fissures worse.
  • You need to avoid constipation so eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals such as brown rice, bread and pasta to provide fiber in your diet. For additional fiber, you can add bran or fiber supplements.
  • Drinking plenty of water every day also helps prevent constipation as some of the water passed out into the gut will soften the stool. This helps to prevent dehydration as well. Avoid alcoholic drinks during this time as they can be dehydrating.
  • Gentle exercise is also helpful with constipation.
  • Even diarrhea can be a problem with anal fissures because such watery stools can end up softening the tissue around the rectum, causing a painful sore

At the same time, use H-Fissures Formula to provide relief from pain, to stop any bleeding and to treat your anal fissure symptoms. H-Fissures Formula is formulated for pregnancy and breast feeding mothers. Anal fissures do often occur during pregnancy or during actual labor.

Once your anal fissures have healed, it is important to keep up the suggested measures above avoiding a possible recurrence of anal fissures in the future. Many such lifestyle changes are beneficial to your general health too.

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