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Our Top Ten Tips For Curbing Cellulite

cellulite skin on her legs Suffering from cellulite is not a new condition. It has been a problem for so long that, for years, women have been searching for and using natural healing treatments to combat cellulite and that orange peel appearance. There are lots of reasons why cellulite can appear and our earlier post will give you these. If you are prone to those less-than-attractive dimples on the thighs, the buttocks and elsewhere, help is at hand.

Our ten suggestions for some natural remedies for cellulite

Obviously some will be more successful than others but of course you don't know until you try! 

  1. Number one on the list is lifestyle changes and choices. Unfortunately, being overweight is not going to help. Diet and exercise are key to preventing cellulite in the first place but first you need a detox diet to cleanse your system and get it working properly again. This means avoiding alcohol, coffee and tea, spices, cigarettes, crash diets, fat and cream, fried and oily food as well as over-the-counter medications such as diet liquids and pills, sleeping pills, diuretic pills and stimulant pills.
  2. Next is ensuring breathing and exercise is done correctly for the proper oxygenation of your blood while assisting the lungs to remove toxins, stimulate circulation and speed up your metabolism. Your muscle tone will improve and your tissue will firm up. You need to let your skin sweat and at the same time, help your kidneys by drinking more liquids (at least 8 glasses per day) and to improve waste elimination. Tie these lifestyle changes in with some regular de-stressing and relaxation.
  3. Once you have detoxed your system, stick to simple natural food and avoid all processed, refined and convenience foods. Change from refined salt to unprocessed natural sea salt. Eat fresh fruit before each meal while serving vegetables with each meal.
  4. Yoga is an excellent choice for natural exercise. Besides whipping your leg muscles into sexy shape, yoga can help smooth spongy thighs too or think about using a mini trampoline to make you fit, tone your body, assist with weight loss, boost your lymphatic system, detox your body, boost your immune system and help get rid of cellulite. A gentle bounce is used to warm up and end your session. Your feet remain flat on the mat, your hands either on your hips, by your side or holding onto a support bar and you bounce very gently while you breathe consciously and steadily. Your “zone” is a bounce you slip into without even thinking about it. Remember to slow right down at the end of a session, first to a gentle bounce and then a standstill before stepping off. Then have plenty of water to flush out all the toxins and to rehydrate your body. An extra special tip for cellulite is to tap or slap the affected areas as you breathe and bounce.
  5. Peel a raw potato and slice thinly before spreading those thin slices onto the cellulite-affected areas of skin. Cover with cotton cloth and leave to treat for 15 minutes. Among the healing properties of a humble potato is the ability to tighten the connective tissue.
  6. Using some natural sea salt, massage this straight into your skin after taking a shower before rinsing off with warm water.
  7. A little more effort is to boil approximately 3 tablespoons of ivy leaves in a pot with a pint (or half a liter) of water for two minutes before straining. Use the cooled liquid to wet cotton face cloths and apply at least once a day to the affected areas for twenty minutes.
  8. Wheat germ oil with rosemary essential oil makes a good massage oil when used with those same ivy leaves. Pour ¾ of a cup of wheat germ oil over a handful of fresh ivy leaves and leave the combination to steep for two weeks in a sealed glass container in a warm place. Before using, strain and add 2 drops of rosemary essential oil. Using a circular motion, rub into the affected cellulite areas every day. When you massage, circulation can be improved and it will make you feel good, reducing your stress levels too.
  9. You can also use a mix of essential oils to form a base oil for daily massage. Suggested oils together with a base oil, are cinnamon, lavender, chamomile, rosemary and sandalwood.
  10. But the easiest cellulite home treatment of all is H-Cellulite Formula. This 100% natural, gentle and soothing formula is an essential oils packed for purpose product. H-Cellulite will get to work quickly by sealing in moisture and promoting suppleness. cellulite1 The reason why women are much more likely to suffer from cellulite than men is because that all important connective tissue is softer than that of men.