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Migraine Cure, Migraine Headache Treatment

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Migraine headaches for the most part represent no significant threat to your overall health. However, they can be chronic, recurrent, frustrating and they may interfere with your day to day life. You may well ask about the availability of a migraine cure. Unfortunately, there is as yet no miracle cure for migraine. But most importantly it is possible to bring your condition under control and with 11 out of every 100 people suffering from migraines, you can rest assured that there is plenty of research going on world wide to find a migraine headache cure.

So even though there are no actual migraine cures, If you are suffering from migraines and you don’t know which way to turn, one of the best ways to start to understand what is happening to you is to keep a diary to try to identify your migraine trigger factors. Every type of migraine is triggered by one or more external factors and if you identify what these are, you have information to take to your doctor or you may find that an identifiable pattern emerges and that by making a few minor changes to your diet or lifestyle, you can reduce the frequency and/or severity of your attacks.

Such triggers can include stress; hunger; certain foods; overtiredness; changing sleep patterns; hormonal changes; anger, grief or other extreme emotions; environmental or climatic conditions. Triggers for cluster migraines can often be different and include lighting conditions.

While you are waiting for that elusive migraine cure, you can bring your condition under control by trying out the many migraine treatments now available. For the simpler, infrequent migraine attacks, an over the counter pain killer especially for migraine will often work very well especially if taken immediately the migraine starts.

If your migraine is more complicated, then go and see your doctor (and don’t forget to take that diary with you) to see what he can do to help you. There are drugs which act directly to correct the serotonin imbalance in the brain during a migraine attack. Your doctor will need to prescribe this medication as it is not suitable for everyone. There are many other options for acute attacks which he will be able to advise you on while if you have very frequent attacks, there are prescription preventative medicines to take every day.

Although they are not migraine cures, there are numerous natural products or alternative treatments which will successfully control your migraine symptoms or which can be used in addition to the mainstream treatments described earlier in this article. Such migraine products include: natural homeopathic products which are applied to the forehead, neck and temples  to start the process; chiropractic massage with spinal manipulation and periodic adjustment of joints and soft tissue; acupuncture which can offer relief and a better quality of life to some sufferers; botox which has been used with success for reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks; as well as various other over the counter natural products which can be used as aids to relief.

All treatments for migraines symptoms should be taken early in the course of a migraine attack so make sure you always have your medication with you. In all attacks, but especially in children, it is very helpful to treat the symptoms as early as possible. Then rest and sleep in a quiet and darkened room.

With the millions of people suffering from migraines – three times more women than men – headaches are a huge world wide problem. Although any head pain can be miserable, migraines are often disabling. Despite the fact that there is still no cure, migraine pain relief and management has improved dramatically in the last decade. So who knows what the next decade may bring – hopefully a migraine cure?

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