Cellulite Treatment & Removal

There are so many causes that contribute to the development of cellulite that it is hardly surprising that some 95% of females are affected with this condition, to a lesser or greater degree.

cellulite on woman's legThe symptoms of cellulite are the appearance of that orange peel or mattress like areas of skin on mainly the hips, thighs and buttocks; those lumpy fat bulges that you can’t seem to lose. While cellulite is mainly considered to be a cosmetic condition, recent research has shown that changes over time in the body’s skin structure actually lead to the transformation of fat cells into cellulite. Proper cellulite treatment is recommended if you want to retain elasticity and smoother, younger looking skin.

Why does cellulite develop?

Other causes of cellulite are:

There is certainly no shortage of hereditary, environmental and behavioral causes for the development of cellulite in women.

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