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For many people migraine is not just an occasional headache but a debilitating condition that can impact on the quality of life for both the sufferer and those around them. It is therefore very important for both the occasional sufferer and the more chronic sufferer to find migraine pain relief.

Over the counter migraine pain relief

If you don’t want to go to your doctor about migraine pain relief, then your pharmacist can be an important ally in your battle against migraine pain. He will be aware of the new over the counter migraine medications now available for migraine relief and these can be very effective especially if taken very early in the attack. It is important to take pain killers quickly as, during an attack, gastric stasis can occur and then the medication cannot be absorbed from your gut into the blood stream. In addition, if you leave it too long, nausea can set it and you may vomit up the medication as soon as you take it. Pain killers taken in soluble form or tablets taken with a sweet fizzy drink will start to work more quickly.

Prescription migraine pain relief

If you find that you are not controlling your migraine pain through other means, then visit your doctor who can prescribe stronger pain killers or painkillers that are combined with anti-nausea ingredients. He will know about possible side effects and whether a particular prescription drug will be suitable for you. If you suffer from frequent attacks, he may prescribe a preventative medication for daily use. As such preventative medications can take some time to build up a beneficial result (up to three months) and even then do not entirely eliminate migraine attacks, he will need to prescribe a further medication for taking should an attack occur.

Natural and alternative ways of dealing with migraine pain

There are some other ways of dealing with migraine pain such as:


General tips to help you deal with migraine headache pain

Even though you may be taking preventative medicine to stop migraine attacks in the first place, plus other migraine treatment for the pain should an attack occur, there are various other ways to help you cope with such pain:


While a migraine is not a life threatening condition, it can have a substantial effect on your life and you need to bring the migraine pain under control so as to limit the impact of the this pain to the absolute minimum

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