Wrinkle & Anti Aging Articles

Wrinkles can be divided into two categories; there are those fine surface lines and then there are deep furrows. The areas usually most affected are the sensitive skin near the eyes, the lips and neck.

Wrinkles are often considered to be a sign of ageing and so anti-ageing treatments, including natural wrinkle products, have always been popular.

If the collagen and elastin in the connective tissues of our skin is weakened or if they decrease in number, wrinkles can then appear. Skin damaged in such a way appears thinner, loses fat content, elasticity and smoothness. Gravity also plays a part as it allows the lax tissue to sag. Skin ages all over the body but the process can be hastened where there has been excessive sun exposure.

Skin damage and of course wrinkles can be caused by:


However, there is much you can do to avoid or diminish wrinkles including the use of wrinkle treatment:


Although wrinkles are part of the process of getting older, their appearance can be diminished with extra care and natural wrinkle products. H-Glow Formula is formulated to reduce wrinkles on the face, neck and hands and on the body in a natural, gentle way. When topically applied directly to the wrinkles using a small amount of formula, the constituents of H-Glow Formula will help smooth the appearance of wrinkles.