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Acne Scars Pictures - What do acne scars look like?

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No one enjoys their acne breakouts and unfortunately these breakouts affect millions of people of all ages worldwide. What many find to be more troublesome than the acne itself are the acne scars that are left behind even after the breakout has cleared up. Acne scars develop in place of previous blemishes and/or lesions. In many cases acne scars appear even when there was no evidence of picking or irritation of the acne lesion. One thing to keep in mind in regards to acne and the tedious scars left behind is the understanding of the different types of acne which will lead to changed levels of scarring: acne pimples (lesions) generally occur when the pores on the skin have become clogged with a collaboration of dead skin cells, oils, etc. This plugged follicle creates an ideal space to grow the infected pus-filled red bumps commonly referred to as pimples.

Different Forms or Stages of Acne:

  • Acne
  • Moderate Acne
  • Severe Acne

Acne Scars and Their Appearance:

Individuals with darker skin tones may have more darkened scars, while those with lighter skin tones may notice more redness within their acne scars.
Acne scaring can come in three different varieties which depict the possible appearance:

  • Boxcar-shaped
  • Atrophic (shallow)
  • Ice Pick-shaped (deep and narrow)

Please see the photos below to help visualize the different types of acne scars that can appear.

Avoid: Sun Exposure & Picking

Avoiding sun exposure as much as possible in order to decrease the worsening of a scar’s appearance is extremely important. Sun exposure can cause acne scars to become darker in appearance and can also slow the healing process. Scars are generally made mostly of collagen and are formed in a way that indicates the body is repairing itself. When inflammation occurs, often by injury to the skin often times seen with picking and squeezing of the initial acne breakout, it results in an indentation. Squeezing can cause the pus and buildup to retreat deep into the skin which results in an increased amount of collagen damage, leading to worsened scarring.

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 acne scar pictures

Problematic skin & acne scars

pimple and acne scars

Pimple and acne scars

Acne Scars before & After Pics

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