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Anal Fissures Pictures & Images - What do Anal Fissures Look Like?

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Anal Fissures Pictures

Although anal fissures are sometimes confused with hemorrhoids, fissures pictures will clearly show the difference in these two conditions. Anal fissures can be extremely painful when having a bowel movement and for some minutes afterwards. The pain is often described as like passing “razor blades” or “broken glass” and it can last for some 10 to 15 minutes after a bowel movement. There may also be some bright red blood visible on the toilet paper. The pain can be even more severe if the bowel movement is hard.

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Fissures images will show that an anal fissure is a small tear in the skin around the opening of the anus and is usually situated in line with the cleft of the buttocks. Anal fissures are common in both adults and children and can be divided into two types – those that have appeared quite recently are called acute anal fissures and those that have not healed ever after 6 weeks have elapsed are called chronic anal fissures or persistent anal fissures.


In spite of the pain and discomfort, it is important to know that this is not a dangerous condition and it can be treated. In fact if you have been diagnosed with fissures or you have compared your own condition to our fissures photos, you can start treatment. Without treatment, there could be permanent scarring that may cause pain and bleeding whenever there is a bowel movement. An important part of the treatment for anal fissures is to ease the pain and to keep the bowel movements soft whilst the healing process continues as it is thought that the main cause of anal fissures is constipation where the strain of passing hard stools can result in those small tears in the skin of the anus.

pictures of anal fissures

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