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Pregnancy Tips, Pregnant Women - Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition when the woman conceives and is carrying an embryo or embryos (though in rare cases), and is supposed to deliver a baby in a few months time. An embryo is the developing baby within the would be mother that develops slowly inside the womb. Actually it takes 38 weeks or a little more than 9 months for the baby to be born. However for other animals (read mammals), this time differs.

Pregnancy in humans starts when a matured sperm from the male enters the female body and successfully fertilizes the egg that is released in certain days of the month after the menstrual cycle. This happens of course when the couple engages in sexual intercourse and the male ejaculates inside the female. Interestingly, it is almost always impossible to know for sure whether pregnancy has happened or not. The first signs are normally noticed when the woman misses her period. And when this happens, the doctor wants a blood test to be carried out which confirms whether she is pregnant or not. These tests work by trying to detect any change in the hormone levels in the body. Other sings of pregnancy include nausea that may come with vomiting. Minor bleeding from the vagina is another sign that it might be a case of pregnancy.

However these days, with the advances being made in medical science, pregnancy can happen even without sexual intercourse. Artificial insemination is carried out on couples that cannot have a baby under the normal circumstances due to some problem related to the male, the female or some unknown reason. This has become possible with the advent of ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection), IVF (in vitro fertilization) and others. The number of test tube babies has also increased rapidly in recent years.

Pregnancy not only brings in a new person to the world and carries forward the human race, it is much more than that (though it is in the natural instinct of humans to reproduce and have babies). Pregnancy is a wonderful thing both for the couple that is having the baby, and also for the entire family. Sometimes a new baby brings in the extended family together, and that is something great in these lonesome times. The birth of a baby has been known to bury differences between quarrelling couples who re-rediscover the lost love that had brought them together.

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