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Rosacea Pictures - the appearance of rosacea

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Rosacea is a common but chronic skin condition which can affect fair skinned people from the age of 30 or older. While rosacea is not dangerous to your health, it affects your appearance. If the condition is not treated in its early stages, it can progress through 4 distinct stages as clearly indicated in the rosacea pictures:PRE-ROSACEA where the main symptom is frequent flushing of the face. The skin can become very sensitive and the face even swollen. Triggers are a strong factor and can be emotional, chemical, environmental or even food related.

The second stage is VASCULAR ROSACEA when small blood vessels on the nose and cheeks swell and become visible, showing through the skin as small red lines. The skin will feel warm and look puffy. Flushing and redness become persistent and then permanent

The third stage is INFLAMMATORY ROSACEA where small, red bumps or even bumps containing pus may appear and persist. Nodules in the skin may become painful and can spread across the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. A possible complication in men over over a period of years is where the nose becomes red, enlarged and bulbous.

The final stage is OCULAR ROSACEA and a more serious stage that needs to be brought quickly under control as in severe cases, it could lead to the loss of vision. The symptoms (in conjunction with rosacea) are irritation in the eyes, light sensitivity, a decrease in visual ability and an obvious inflammation of the lids or conjunctivitis.

The various stages can be seen in the rosacea photos in our image gallery. If you have similar symptoms to these rosacea images, please see your doctor for a positive diagnosis so that you can commence treatment as soon as possible.

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rosacea on body

rosacea on body

rosacea on chin

Rosacea on chin

rosacea on face

Rosacea on face

face rosacea

Face rosacea

rosacea on nose

Rosacea on nose

rosacea pityriasis

Rosacea pityriasis

rosacea traps

Rosacea Traps


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