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Skin Mole Pictures - How to identify moles?

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Moles pictures are especially useful for illustrating the different types of moles. While most moles are harmless, many people who have moles on the face feel they are unattractive and so for cosmetic reasons, do want them to be removed. Facial moles usually get more attention than moles elsewhere on the body. Moles are normally small, dark, skin growths that develop from pigment-producing cells in the skin but they can be flesh-colored or yellow-brown, they can be raised off the skin and very noticeable or they may contain dark hairs.

Further moles images will show red moles which are often not true moles but are cherry hemangiomas. These round, bright red or purple spots are made up of blood vessels and are 1 to 4 mm in size. These lesions are benign. However, if they are raised, they can become bothersome if they are scraped, bumped or injured when they may bleed or become painful.

There is another group of red moles that includes true moles as illustrated by our moles photos. These moles are raised, with little pigment and often appear on light skinned people with fair hair and blue eyes. Consequently they are not truly red in color but more light pink.

The risk of any mole developing into melanoma is small – about one case in 200 000. Dermatologists have developed a criteria for suspicious moles and this is known as the ABCDEs and stands for asymemetry, border, color, diameter and elevation. It is useful to remember this when checking your skin on a regular basis. If you have a mole or moles with suspicious symptoms, go for a mole diagnosis and evaluation with a dermatologist, medical practitioner or physician. We have included further mole photos where you can view the appearance of suspicious moles.

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skin mole on cheek

Skin mole on cheek

skin moles near eye

Skin mole under eye

skin mole on face

Skin mole on face

skin mole on arms

Skin mole on forearms

 Skin mole on back

Skin mole on back

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