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Yeast Infections on Skin

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yeast infection in skin foldsYeast infections occur on various parts on the body. These parts can include the vaginal area, penis, anus, belly button, and even fingernails, and don't forget the yeast infection of the mouth also known as thrush. A yeast infection is a rash, in the case of appearing on the skin it is called intertrigo.

This occurs when the skin becomes red and irritated due to outside circumstances.

Where does a skin yeast infection appear?

Skin yeast infections are most commonly seen under the breasts, this can include overweight men as there is extra skin in which can become irritated. Anywhere the body is warm and moist a person may be susceptible to getting a skin yeast infection. The groin is both warm and moist; the yeast infection will occur on the skin and not inside the groin, as well as the vaginal area will not show signs of discharge. Inside the armpits is also an area where a skin yeast infection could be seen to grow. In those who are relatively overweight a yeast infection may actually occur in the folds of skin in areas which overlap such as the abdomen.

How to treat yeast infection on skin

There are quite a few different treatments for yeast infection, and most of them involve a partial change in diet in supplement to the treatment itself.

All natural treatments for yeast infection are a very popular way to treat yeast infection and candida. H-Candida is a good example of a treatment which eliminates the fungus.


Skin yeast infections, are they common?

Skin yeast infections are not usually common as the body does its job in keeping all fungi including yeast at a minimum but yeast can get in through an open wound. This, like most cuts, allows yeast to penetrate the skin and cause a person to surface with a yeast infection on the epidermis. Anyone can get them but they are more common in those who have a higher body temp which usually means a hotter area of the world. Certain antibiotics and medications as well as having diabetes can increase the chances of having a yeast infection on the skin.

What will be noticeable?

Having a yeast infection of the epidermis will show obviously similar results to that of a yeast infection any place else but there is no discharge from the genitals. Yeast infections in the folds of skin or groin areas will be bright pinkish red in color, almost like a blushing color. There may be patches of rash on the skin that will leak clear fluid this can be seen in a yeast infection anywhere outside the body. In some places this fluid may not be apparent at first. Bumps which may look like pimples will also be apparent in areas where the skin has a yeast infection present as well as itching. Itching can be confused for different diseases in the groin so be aware to look for the other signs of a yeast infection.

Remember the signs

Remember most likely the infection a person may think is a yeast infection may not be, make sure to see a doctor or find pictures on credible medical websites. Yeast infections of the skin occur in different areas even the groin and armpits. They are red patches and may have blisters or pimple looking bumps. Itching is common in yeast infections of the skin; they are more seen in obese and diabetic people.

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