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Yeast Infections - What Causes them to Grow in the Nails?

Yeast is everywhere on the human body but occasionally parts of the body become too moist and the yeast bacteria grows out of control. This causes the infection some people may see on their nails. Yeast in the nails may also allow another bacterial infection to grow called pseudomonas and this is when bacteria gets under the nail plate and grows green. Someone who has a yeast infection will notice that the nail is discolored. The nail will be whitish yellow and flaky and the natural shine will be lacking. Yeast infection in the nails can also be painful and there may be pus around the nail. Eventually, the nail will start to lift itself from the nail bed and deteriorate.

Could a person cause their own yeast infection in the nails?

Absolutely. Hand washing without drying thoroughly allows moisture to collect between the small space between the nail plate, where nail polish is applied, and the nail bed resulting in expansion. If there is a slight lift here, bacteria can form and multiply. This results in the nail bed and the nail plate separating. Eventually, one will notice the nail has turned a yellow color and that it has become brittle and is chipping away. Those who wear artificial nails for long periods of time actually make this process worse as water can become trapped between the nail plate and bed and even between the nail plate and the fake nail.

Try to leave artificial nails off for at least a week or two before reapplying them. This will help the nail to recover and prevent it from becoming infected with yeast bacteria.

It is best to treat any infection as it occurs. A natural product like H-Nail Fungus Formula is formulated to treat the uncomfortable symptoms of nail fungus.