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Yeast Infection in the Fingernails

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Yeast infections are a very common occurrence in the body. Yeast infections are usually seen in men and women's genitalia. Although they do not appear on the nails as much as everywhere else including the skin and navel, the nails are very susceptible to nail fungus. Hands are tortured everyday as they are the things that do all the work, there are hundreds of different infections, a yeast infection is merely one of those which can cause the nail to fall off. Moisture which can get under the nail bed due to frequent washing can cause many problems.

Yeast Infection Fingernails

Those who have jobs which work with water or need to keep their hands clean for food or other jobs are more at risk for getting a yeast infection in their nails. Also people who are obsessive compulsive in washing the hands a lot during the day put themselves at a higher risk for having a yeast infection or numerous infections occur in the nails.

The symptoms of a yeast infection in the nails

Yeast in the nails may appear two different ways, first off the nail may become very brittle and white with yellow. There may also be a deep green color actually in the nail plate which is caused by moisture in the nail and will come about with or without a yeast infection, if there is moisture trapped in the nail plate. The nails will be very weak so they may chip in places when a person is trying to use them to open things, the chills will be off the top of the nail and look like thin flakes.

The nails may also lose their natural shine as the discoloration and the yeast take this away. Yeast infections in the nails will cause the bottom area of the nail just below the cuticle to swell. This area will be painful to touch and there may also be puss in the nail as it is infected. Yeast infections in the nails destroy the nail, it may lift off the actual nail bed making things a lot worse, and in some cases the nail will not go down for months after the infection is healed.


To prevent getting a yeast infection in the nails it is best to avoid washing the hands as much. Yeast always lives in the body but when too much moisture enters the body anywhere the yeast can multiply and cause infections which are very painful to have.

The best prevention method that can be suggested is to not wash the hands as much, if a yeast infection is suspected consult a doctor to make sure. Yeast infections will be relatively obvious due to the many symptoms which match yeast infections elsewhere on the body. Remember swelling of the finger area, green nail plates and puss are definite signs that one may have a yeast infection. The best thing to prevent this is to lower the amount of times the hands are washed during the day and to use a non water antibacterial soap.

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