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Whiteheads Pictures - What do they look like?

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Acne is a chronic type of skin disease, one of the most commonly treated in its field, and it affects more than half of young adults and adolescents worldwide. It does not stop there however; there is also adult acne that affects roughly 30% of men and women from 20 to 60 years of age.  Keep in mind that not all forms of acne are the same and once a diagnosis is made, each type will and should be treated differently. Whiteheads for instance, also known as comedones or closed comedones, are generally found on the face and shoulders and are an early stage of acne. Many confuse whiteheads with pustules, which are red pimples that have a “whitehead” that appears to be filled with a pus like substance, because of this confusion it is important to visually show what the medical condition of whiteheads actually looks like.


When the pores become clogged with oils from the sebaceous gland and skin cells, the buildup becomes rather thick and at times compacted. As the buildup continues, inflammation can occur which may lead to irritation of the surrounding pore. Accurate and consistent hygienic rituals can help improve and at times avoid this type of acne condition. It is important to know what causes comedones (or closed comedones in reference to whiteheads) to ensure that the proper steps are taken in order to treat and heal the skin.


Generally speaking, whiteheads are clogged pores (below the skin’s surface) that have not yet been irritated or inflamed. They will appear to be more of a flesh colored tone (with a white underlying appearance due to the buildup material of oils and skin cells within remaining un-oxidized) and will be slightly raised creating a bump like feature.

Below are several accurate photos of whiteheads (closed comedones) to help you get a perspective of what this form of acne looks like. Compare with your own skin outbreaks to help determine which type of acne you may be suffering from in order to start a form of treatment as soon as possible. Keep in mind that many over the counter acne products can contain harsh chemicals that will in fact worsen your condition as opposed to helping the healing process. There are all natural treatments that can be used which are more gentle on the skin and do not contain chemical.

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