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How To Treat Flat Warts In Children & Young Adults | Amoils.com

 width=I am sure you have heard of the HPV virus or human papilloma virus because it has received so much media coverage in recent years. But this virus is also responsible for many different strains of the virus, with flat warts being caused by numbers 3 and 10 of these strains.

Over 120 HPV types have been identified and each strain is referred to by number

Each type of wart is named either for its appearance or for the the place on the body where it occurs. Flat warts are named for their appearance. Flat warts are benign tumors more common in children and young adults and are generally smooth with a yellowish-brown lesion and are sometimes known as plane warts or juvenile warts. They are very rare on the elderly.

Flat warts treatment is readily available

These tiny flat warts are usually just the size of a pinhead and are smoother than other kinds of warts with their flat tops giving them their name. Flat warts are similar to the color of your skin and look like an extra bit of thick, smooth skin sticking up like a disc or a small patch. These warts can affect any part of the body but usually appear on the face, fingers, hands, arms and knees (often close to scratch marks). Warts sometimes come in clusters with as many as a hundred together.

Flat warts can easily be spread

It is important to be aware that scratching or picking flat warts can spread them through the blood stream to other parts of the body so try to dissuade your children from this practice. Adults can also cause the spread of the virus when shaving an area which has flat warts. Although sometimes flat warts will go away on their own, it is always best to treat them as early as possible to prevent their spread. If you or your child are prone to flat warts, look at boosting the immune system. There are many ways to do this including changing to a healthier, whole food diet while avoiding those foods that are processed, contain unhealthy fats, are high in sugar and that contain stimulants.

Different treatment options

  • You can purchase over-the-counter products that contain acids to help remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the wart. Various strengths are available, from 17 percent with liquids to 40 percent with patches. In general, these products are applied daily to remove the warts layer by layer until they're gone. It is not recommended to use such products on the face.
  • Cryotherapy is another method, using extremely low temperatures to literally freeze the warts away with liquid nitrogen. It can be carried out by doctors or dermatologists but there are also over-the-counter cryotherapy products such which need to be applied according the manufacturer's instructions until the wart tissue dies and the wart sloughs off. These products should not however be used on the face.
  • Your doctor can prescribe and apply medications for small warts.
  • A common home remedy for treating flat warts is the the use of adhesive tape which is placed over the wart. Several layers of waterproof tape are placed over the area and left on for 6 days. Then the tape is removed and the area left open to the air for 12 hours. If the warts are still present, the tape is applied for a further 6 days.
  • You can chose a natural medication (a topical essential oils formula) to use as a safe and gentle home remedy for flat warts (including on the face) where both the root structure and the surface of the flat wart are treated naturally so there are no side effects such as burning or scarring. The warts that are removed with this method will not return and will not spread.

Make it easier for your medication to work

Warts can sometimes be hard to get rid of especially if they are left for some time because the thick layers of skin make it difficult for any medication to penetrate. If you roughen the skin by using a piece of sandpaper first, this will enable any flat warts treatment medication to penetrate more easily. With more and more people looking for natural and alternative methods of treating various conditions, you might well like to go the natural route for your warts treatment if you, or especially your children, have this condition.