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Common Warts Treatment - Healing Natural Oils

Common Warts are growths/bumps which are caused by a virus called the Human Papilloma Virus. Common warts make up just one of about eighty different strains of HPV. It is one of the fastest spreading viruses today, with more than 5 million new cases in the US reported each year. Many of these these infections result in common warts. They can be treated easily, if the right remedy is used.

Common warts can be found in people of any race, sex or age. Just like some people get the flu and others don't, usually people with low immune systems are more likely to pick up the wart virus.

Many children get common warts, which grow on the hands and fingers and around the fingernails. People who bite their nails are more likely to get common warts around their nails.

Never use creams or medicines which contain acids. A natural wart remover is always the best method for safe effective and permanent removal.

Common Warts Symptoms

What is H-Warts?

Common warts appear as small bumps which can grow into much larger growths. They are usually round and elevated from the skin. They are normally found on the hands, and are sometimes found under the fingernails. Warts can range in color from white to red, or skin color. They are usually not painful but may be irritating and become itchy.

What about Treatment?

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