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Common warts are also known by their medical term as verruca vulgaris and it is called a common wart but it is such a well known and recognized skin growth. Common warts (along with all the other kinds of warts) are caused by a virus (the human papilloma virus or HPV) that infects the skin through tiny cuts or wounds. If the immune system allows it to happen, skin cells grow rapidly so that a wart is formed. As the immune system in children is not as strong, warts are more likely to occur in children than in adults.

Fortunately, common warts are rarely painful.

The symptoms of common warts, when they appear, are as follows:

  • Small bumps or growths of hardened skin appear on the fingers, hands, face or feet. They are often described as looking like small grey cauliflowers.
  • These warts can be round or irregular in shape, varying in color from light grey to greyish black or sometimes yellow to brown.
  • Their diameter can be anything from 2 mm to 10 mm.
  • Common warts can appear singly or in multiples.
  • These warts can also grow close to or even under finger nails or toe nails. They are then known as periungual warts.

Common warts grow slowly and in some cases even disappear on their own. However, they can grow and they can spread being contagious so it is better to treat them in the early stages.

Never try to remove a wart by burning, cutting, tearing or picking at it. Warts can be unsightly and of course they can spread, so it is better to choose a wart removal method that suits you and go ahead and treat them.

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