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Skin Tag Symptoms, Signs & Diagnosis

Skin Tags

Skin tags start small and are reasonably insignificant, but they can quickly grow and become a problem both because of their appearance and the fact that they can get in the way.

The good news about skin tags is that they are harmless and benign - made up of fibrous connective tissues.

Are skin tags a symptom of anything?

Skin tags are not a symptom of any underlying medical condition. They are benign growths that typically appear on the skin and are usually harmless. However, certain factors such as obesity, diabetes, hormonal changes, and genetics can increase the risk of developing skin tags. People who are overweight or have diabetes are more likely to develop skin tags, as do people with a family history of them.

The signs of skin tags

The signs of skin tags include:

  • They appear as tiny to large elevated lumps on the skin, usually with a pointed tip, typically around 2-5mm in size
  • Size may vary from smaller on the eyelids to up to half an inch for the rest of the body.
  • Their color can be different, ranging from pinkish white to brownish black.
  • Sometimes there is pigmentation too.
  • There can be a stalk-like appearance of the lumps. These hang loosely from the skin's surface.
  • The surface of the skin tags can be rough.
  • They can bleed if scratched or caught in clothing or jewelry. 
  • There can be irritation resulting in itching.
  • Sometimes, there is hair growth either on or around the skin tag.
  • In a few cases, clotted blood may appear as black dots in the skin tags.
  • The stalk-shaped tags are often easy to move with the finger. 
  • The tags may get detached from the skin surface when irritated or rubbed.

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    Why do we get skin tags?

    The exact cause of skin tags is not fully understood, but several factors are believed to contribute to skin tag development. Some of the most common factors include the following:



    • Aging and being overweight or obese are common reasons for the appearance of skin tags. 
    • Skin tags can be caused by irritation and frequent friction in different body parts, such as underarms, thighs, breasts, and even the genitals.
    • Changes in hormonal levels, such as elevated estrogen and progesterone levels) during pregnancy. Some medical conditions (such as Acromegaly) can increase growth hormone (somatotropin). 
    • Having an HPV infection (human papillomavirus). 
    • Sometimes existing tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys can cause the release of skin factors that lead to skin outgrowths and skin tags.
    • Being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes mellitus can be another reason, as well as reduced glucose tolerance and insulin resistance.
    • You have a family history of skin tags.
    • You have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, hypertension, or abnormally high cholesterol levels (LDL cholesterol).

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    What can we do about skin tags? 

    We can get rid of them in a variety of ways:

    • Some dermatologists will numb the area before snipping off the skin tag.
    • Another method is freezing, which will cause the tag to fall off after about ten to fourteen days. A drawback is that freezing can cause more significant inflammation of the surrounding skin.
    • Electrodesiccation is a surgical method of drying out tissue by touching it with a needle-like electrode that passes an electric current into the tissue.

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