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Skin Tags

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Skin tags are most common in seniors over hte age of 50. They also seem to be more prevalent in females than in males. Skin tags are small, oddly shaped, thick tags of skin which connect to the body. Some skin tags may have a stalk making them hang or stick up off the skin. They can be pink to brown in color depending on a person's skin color.

Skin tags can occur just about anywhere on the body. The most common places are the eyelids where occasionally the skin tag will have a peduncle, which makes it appear to dangle from the eyelid. However, genital skin tags and anal skin tags are also common. Some people may develop many skin tags whilst others may have just one or two.

Body Skin Tags

Skin tags are also found on the neck and chest which can be irritating for people wearing jewelry as the tags may get snagged and bleed. Women may be sefl conscious of their appearance with skin tags present.

The armpit region is another area where skin tags are often found. This can cause discomfort or chaffing and is a nuisance for women wanting to shave that area. The groin area is another area of the body that skin tags grow which has it's own set of issues.

Skin Tag Removal Options

Skin tags can be treated but there is always the possibility that others will grow so treatement may be ongoing. It is thought that they are caused by an inflammation of the skin but this theory has not been confirmed.


The most common places for skin tags are the neck, eyelids, groin, chest and underarm area. Skin tags are usually seen in older men and women but are more noticeable in women. Occasionally, a child may get a skin tag. It is wise to consult a doctor if you are concerned. However, skin tags are usually harmless.