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The Future Stats Are Not Looking Good For Arthritis

 width=Many of the conditions today are as a result of inflammation and arthritis is one such disease. Sadly, the figures for arthritis sufferers are going up and up with currently, one in five having to live with arthritis. More than 21 million of all those with arthritis in the USA have their daily lives physically affected by arthritis and that figure is set to rise with a predicted number of 52 million estimated to be affected by the year 2030.

What we eat is the main cause of this growing epidemic if our diet is inflammatory and fattening

Unhealthy food choices such as sweets, baked goods, chips, sodas, sweetened juices, vegetable oils and many processed and refined foods lead to inflammatory situations in the joints and around the spine, eating away and gradually destroying cartilage. What happens then is that our bones and joints have no protection so they rub against one another causing further inflammation and then pain.

Inflammation is now recognized as a key factor in virtually all chronic and degenerative diseases

These include arthritis, heart disease, asthma, neuro-degeneration, cancer, and kidney and bowel diseases. This is why anti-inflammatory drugs have become so popular. If you can stop the inflammation, you can stop the pain. If you can cure the inflammation, you can cure the pain. However, due in part to the side effects with drugs and in part to the growing belief that natural remedies are safer than most pharmaceuticals, many people today are seeking natural remedies to alleviate the pain of arthritis and other conditions.
  • Apart from causing inflammation, those same unhealthy food choices also lead to weight gain and obesity, putting even further strain on our joints. Arthritis is twice as common in the obese than it is in others.
  • Once you become obese and arthritic, you will be less likely to want to exercise leading to further complications with this condition. And this is a pity as physical exercise can be a natural way of relieving pain while getting more activity will make the joints more flexible and movable over time.

There are many natural ways to combat arthritis and the pain that can accompany it

  • Some people are helped by take CMO (cetyl myristoleate) supplements while others find fish oil is the answer.
  • Turmeric and curcumin ( which is a yellow spice native to Asia) has been scientifically proven to be highly effective at relieving pain and in inhibits COX2. Curcumin has been found to deliver far superior anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving results than most drugs.
  • Ginger root which is another common spice has been found to relieve arthritis pain by reducing inflammation. Ginger root is also rich in two groups of compounds known as the shaogals and gingerols that are powerfully antioxidant, helping to prevent cells from premature destruction due to exposure to environmental toxins and by-products of metabolism.
  • Many plants, including the Amazon bark cats’ claw and the common spice rosemary, have been found to provide safe, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving properties.
  • H-Arthritis from Healing Natural Oils is specially formulated from pure essential oils to safely and gently reduce the symptoms of arthritis, including pain, stiffness, inflammation and swelling. The different properties of the essential oils offer circulatory stimulants, anti-inflammatories, analgesics for relieving or diminishing pain while additional properties can eliminate those harmful toxins in the system. You can massage the joints with a few drops of H-Arthritis three times a day, you can add a drop or two of oil to your relaxing bath time routine plus you can ensure a good night's sleep by putting a drop of lavender essential oil on your pillow at bedtime.
If you do not want to become another arthritis statistic, make those lifestyle changes now to prevent this condition. But if arthritis is already a problem in your life, changing to a healthier diet, getting plenty of exercise, losing any excess weight and using a natural remedy will all help to reduce your pain and inflammation.