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Health Blog

  • Psoriasis Could Be All About What You Are Eating

    Psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune skin disease (causing inflammation and scaling of the skin) and it affects approximately 2% of the US population.  What you eat is very important and you can help to combat psoriasis by including a psoriasis diet treatment plan in your day-to-day living.

  • Seeds are Small in Size But Big on Health Benefits

    Easily available to purchase from health stores, bakeries and even supermarkets, we share these six seeds that we love to include in our everyday diet.
  • Get Your Fill of this Late Summer Fruit

    Blackberries need to be black and plump before picking and, if they have had plenty of warm sunshine as they ripen, this adds to their sweetness.  Find out more about this delicious fruit and the healthy benefits it brings...
  • Reach for a Rainbow in What You Eat for Optimum Health Benefits

    Leading nutritionists recommend that we eat at least thirty - yes 30 - different types of fruits and vegetables in a week, selecting a rainbow of different colors for all types of phytochemicals as a feast for our gut health. And each color contains a range of those phytocemicals.
  • It's Time for Fresh, Locally-Produced Asparagus Again!

    Packed with fiber and phytochemicals, asparagus is one of the best crops to grow for your gut health. Second best, is to have a local source of freshly grown asparagus that you can easily access...
  • The Increasing Trend for Growing Your Own Vegetables

    It is the start of the growing season for fruit and vegetables in the Northern hemisphere which has coincided with the lockdown affecting so many - worldwide. And with that lockdown, has come a new trend for growing your own vegetables!
  • Benefits versus the Calories When Consuming Avocados

    We all know that avocados are a healthy food - but there is one drawback. And that is the amount of calories they contain...
  • Grow or Buy Beets for all these Health Benefits

    Easy to sow, easy to grow and easy to prepare and eat, what's not to like about about the beet? And they come with plenty of health benefits too...
  • Why an Alkaline Environment for Your Body is More Important than Ever

    According to the German Doctor of Chemistry and Medicine, Otto Warburg, "No disease can exist in an alkaline environment".  Find out more about the importance of including alkaline foods and beverages in your daily diet...
  • Why Do We Need Electrolytes To Function At Our Best?

    We might not all realize how important electrolytes are to our overall health, playing their part throughout our bodies. Find out more about the causes, the symptoms and how to rectify the situation...
  • Mouth-Watering Watermelon

    Watermelon comes with lots of helpings of those good things that work together to boost your immune system while helping to relieve the symptoms of diabetes, asthma, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis...
  • Celery Juice can be a Natural Remedy for Headaches & Migraines

    There are many different types of headaches and migraines but they all have something in common - pain and discomfort. A daily drink of celery juice can be a natural remedy for you if you suffer from headaches or migraines. But there are other health benefits too...