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  • And Then There are More Sleeping Facts to Make You Think!

    In a previous blog post, we share several interesting sleeping facts but we found there were so many that would include even more in a second instalment.

    So here they are...

  • Sleeping Facts To Make You Think

    We all want to wake up refreshed and ready to face the day ahead!

    But you might be interested to read about all these sleeping facts we have discovered that can affect how well we sleep. 

  • Duvets and Pillows Need Cleaning Attention too!

    Most of us will wash out sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers very regularly but what about those actual pillows and duvets?  Do we give them as much thought and attention?

    We should actually be washing those items of bedding more frequently than we do to keep them fresh - and free from dust mites.

  • Slow Down that Aging Process with these Top Ten Tips

    While many people in the Western World can now expect to live for far longer than ever before, we need to ensure that our extra years of life are spent in as good health as possible to ensure our continued independence and quality of life.

    We share our suggested top ten tips to slow down that aging process.

  • Teens Really Do Need More Sleep

    Teenagers with insomnia can get better and they can achieve better sleep patterns - as can we all. Find out how...


  • These Sleep Disorders Can Occur with Aging

    There are so many reasons why we all need a good night's sleep - whatever our age.

    However, in older adults, ongoing sleep disorders can lead to much bigger problems such as irritability, low energy and an increased risk of falling...

  • Don't Let your Brain Just Drain Away

    Do you spend a lot of time in front of a screen, keeping up with your workload?

    Do you feel totally exhausted by the end of your working day?

    Does this mean that you feel you should do nothing more after work except curl up on the sofa before you go to bed?

    Answering "yes" to these questions could mean that "brain drain" is slowing you down and leading to fatigue.

  • How Soundly You Sleep Could Lower Your Stroke Risk

    A recent study has come to the conclusion that those people who enjoy a good night's sleep are less likely to suffer from a stroke.

    They researchers point out that the worrying factor is that some nine out of ten people do not usually get such a good night's sleep.

  • Should Parents Introduce Rules on the Use of Phones at Night?

    Parents will so often face that dilemma on whether they are being too strict or too lenient with their children.

    And the use of smart phones is a typical area of conflict.

  • Coffee Can Actually Help You Sleep!

    It can be hard to believe but a cup of coffee and good timing can equal a revitalizing nap.  We share the secret...
  • Top Ten Tips on How to Brighten Your Day!

    With so many concerns in our everyday world today, we have to find ways to bring more joy and happiness in our lives.

    Find out more about how you can do this with our top ten tips!

  • How Do We Really Know How Many Hours Sleep We Need at Night?

    We often become anxious if we find ourselves waking up in the middle of the night or during the very early hours of the morning, thinking that we are just not getting sufficient sleep.

    And yet, during historical times, people had very different sleeping habits.