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Health Blog

  • Eight Great Foods to Help You Sleep More Soundly

    Everyone craves a good night's sleep but you might not know that there are certain foods that can help with improving the quality of your sleep.

    We share eight suggestions.


  • Top Ten Tips for Boosting the Brain and the Memory

    Unfortunately, we are all getting older and, as this happens, small lapses in memory and other cognitive functions may become more common.

    Whatever our age, there are simple steps to take to keep the brain healthy and boost our memory.

    We share our top ten tips to this end... 

  • How to Avoid that Afternoon Slump

    If you work in an office or other environment full time from nine to five, there is always the likelihood of feeling tired or sleepy during the afternoon.  You could find your productivity levels taking a dive or cannot avoid yawning constantly

    We share our top ten tips on how can you beat that afternoon slump...

  • How to Reduce the Risk of Dementia Now

     You might think it too late to start reducing your risk of dementia but think again - it is never too late or too early to work on improving your brain health.

    With some fifty million people living with dementia worldwide, it is easy to see what a major health problem this has become for us all.

    Research is now telling us to start making those changes in your lifestyle as young as your thirties to help lower your own risk of being affected.

    And if you start to make those changes at a younger age, you will help to prevent or handle other health conditions too as well as your own wellbeing...

  • Your Gut Needs a Good Vacation Too!

    Even if you are really good about taking care of your gut health most of the time, you may be tempted to lapse into less healthy ways when going on vacation or enjoying special occasions.  We share some suggestions to keep your gut health on track whether at home or away...
  • Top Ten Signs and Symptoms of Stress

    There are said to be several secret symptoms of stress, indicators that can point you in the right direction to control their negative impact.  We share the top ten of these...
  • Restless Legs can be very disruptive to our Sleep

    If you have ever suffered from the condition known as "Restless Leg Syndrome", you will know how annoying and disruptive it can be.

    We share information on this Syndrome to help our understanding together with some natural solutions...

  • Help to Lure your Libido Out of Hiding

    Suffering from a loss of sex drive is a common problem affecting many women at some point in their lives.  We share why this can happen with suggestions and solutions.

  • Your Mental Health is as Important as your Physical Health

    Mental health is often in the news. 

    The concern is that although mental health is just as important as physical health, many feel they don't need to seek medical help and should just soldier on regardless.

    There are several questions you need to answer...

  • Want to Live Longer? A Good Night's Sleep Could Help You to Achieve this

    The emphasis more than ever is on the importance of getting a good night's sleep.

    Recent research has found that such regular good sleeping pattens can result in men living almost five years longer and women more than two years longer than those men and women who sleep badly. 

  • Infrared Sauna and the Benefits you can Enjoy

    I recently had the opportunity to enjoy several sessions in an infrared sauna and found it to be very relaxing and beneficial.

    Sharing the host of benefits from this top of the range technology...

  • Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

    One of the most common problems for many of us today is making sure we get a good night's sleep.

    So many will toss and turn to get off to sleep in the first place or we will suddenly find ourselves wide awake at two or three in the morning with no prospect of getting back to sleep again for several hours.

    But how do we know how much sleep we need and what can we do about it?