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Health Blog

  • The Perfect Night Time Skin Care Routine

    With so many still confined to their homes, this could be when you have a little more time on your hands to establish a better and consistent routine for looking after your skin? While it is well known that we should clean our faces at night and remove all make up, we don't always realize that ensuring a regular night time routine will reap the benefits for your skin when you wake up the next morning.
  • Insomnia and a Link with Type 2 Diabetes

    A recent research study in Sweden has found that those who suffer from insomnia are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who don't.

    In addition, the research identified some 19 risk factors that are thought to increase the risk of developing the condition. 

  • Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep to Reach Their Full Potential?

    We all need regular and sufficient sleep - whatever our age.  Ensuring your children get their quota of sleep is important for the parents' well being and crucial for your child to reach their full potential – emotionally, physically and cognitively.

  • Catnip & Is It Giving Your Kitty a High Note?

    It is said that roughly half of all cats are sensitive to catnip so that when they come in contact they can become quite excited. Find out more about this minty plants and the benefits both for cats - and humans...
  • Turn the Clock Back with Good Sleeping Patterns

    We all long for a full and uninterrupted night's sleep especially as so many feel sleep-deprived in our 24/7 lives. But we might not realize that less sleep can mean increased aging...
  • Dry Eyes & How to Cope With This Common Problem

    Do your eyes sting and burn? Do they look red? Do they feel gritty as if there some sand lurking there? Then you may well be suffering from Dry Eye...
  • Fighting Those Feelings of Fatigue

    There can be lots of reasons why you might be feeling the effects of fatigue. And if you can get to the bottom of why you are feeling tired all the time, you have a basis for coming up with a solution.
  • How Modern Parents can Limit their Children's Screen Time

    It is a common concern among parents today - and that is how much screen time their children are spending on their different devices. We share some suggestions on how to limit the time spent....
  • How You Can Reduce the Stress & Improve Emotional Well-Being Too

    If you can reduce stress while improving your emotional well being, studies have shown that you will lower inflammation (the cause of so many medical conditions today), strengthen your immune system, increase your happiness levels as well as boosting your brain power. We share some eight suggestions for reducing stress and improving emotional well-being too...
  • Are You Up With the Larks or Are You a True Night Owl?

    Many people find that they can be divided into two types as far as their sleeping habits are concerned. One group are early to bed and early to rise while another group can be extreme night owls...
  • Is FOMO a problem for you?

    FOMO is not a real word but a acronym meaning a "fear of missing out".  And yes, it can be a real problem for some of us in this era of social media.
  • Valerian Root for These 5 Health Benefits

    The root of the valerian plant has been found to have natural health benefits. Find out more about what those are...