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  • Does Urine have a Future as a Form of Fertilizer?

    In the allotment world here in the UK, it is often suggested that adding fresh urine to the compost heap regularly helps in the decomposing and breaking down process.  Now a French company is looking at producing a urine-based commercial product.
  • Tips on How To Achieve and Keep a Tidy, Organized Home

    While, of course, having a cluttered home does not mean you are a hoarder, it can still mean that you spend too much time looking for things, you can become emotionally drained when your brain is constantly having to process what it sees or you can become overwhelmed, anxious or stressed from any build up. We hope to provide some solutions for these problems... 

  • Is the Presence of Asphalt in our Environment a Cause for Concern?

    According to recent research, all those surfaces on our footpaths, roads and playgrounds that are covered in asphalt can become a significant source of air pollution, especially on hot and sunny days.  Find out more...
  • Grow Your Own Tea Garden!

    You can save yourself money and ensure a safe, organic blend of tea when you decide to grow your own tea garden.  Find out more...


  • The Healing Plants to Grow in Your Garden

    There are lots of cottage garden type plants you can grow that look beautiful but have also been used for centuries for their medicinal properties.  We share some of the best examples...


  • How to Keep Your Cats and Dogs Cool in Hot Weather

    It is not only us humans who have to keep cool in the warmer weather, our cats and dogs need to stay comfortable too.  We share our top ten tips on how to keep your pets cool during the hot weather...


  • Even Old Father Thames Cannot Escape From Plastic Pollution

    The River Thames has become so severely polluted with plastic that it is reshaping its shores and harming its wildlife.
  • Do You Stop to Think About the Drawbacks of Using Hand Sanitizers?

    We know they are everywhere - and it is hard to avoid them - but could hand sanitizers be causing you more harm than good?
  • Fireworks Have Hidden Dangers

    There are frequent occasions during the year when different countries have reason to celebrate – and often that celebration will take the form of a fireworks display.

    However exciting such a display may be, research is now coming forward to point out that toxic chemicals can affect the air quality when fireworks are set off.

  • If You Are Spending More Time Indoors, How Good is Your Air Quality?

    Why you should be keeping an eye on the quality of your indoors air...
  • Make the Most of the Beautiful Blue Skies!

    We don't know how long these will last but many cannot help but have noticed the deeper shade of blue in our skies this spring? We all know t...
  • The New Threat to Our Environment

    Just when we thought people were becoming more aware of the dangers of plastic, and other non-degradable waste, along comes a pandemic which heralds a whole new threat...