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  • Top Ten Tips for Making the Most of that Weekend

    If you have a normal working week from Monday to Friday, you will always look forward to the weekends.  But do you make the most of that forty eight hours or does Monday roll round again and you feel that nothing extra has been achieved?

    We share some ideas on what to do on your days off:

  • Can a Hoarder be Helped?

    Nearly everyone will know of someone who has a severely cluttered home – often to the extent of being a hoarder.

    While there is a huge difference between regular clutter and excessive hoarding, the problem of hoarding is now so widespread that it has become known as a definite disorder or a condition.

    We share more information on this condition and how to help someone who is a hoarder...

  • How to Ensure You Have a Healthy Bladder

    Women in particular can suffer from bladder problems so it is important to do all you can to prevent such problems - and to give your bladder the best chance of staying healthy.

    We share some diet, exercise and lifestyle tips to help you...

  • Can Air Pollution Affect Your Child's Ability to Learn?

    Many parents and teachers worry about the affect of air pollution on children in general but recent research by the University of Manchester in the UK and the two charities - Global Action Plan and The Phillips Foundation - has found that it can affect their ability to learn too.
  • Can Artificial Light Cause Us Harm?

    Unfortunately, artificial light CAN cause us harm.  Such harmful effects on our human health include:

    • An increased risk for sleep disorders, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more.
    • The disruption of the human body clock and our hormonal system.
    • An increased risk of circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders.  This is  where the circadian rhythm is misaligned with the natural light-dark cycle.
    • The problem of hazards for the eyes and the skin.  
  • Has the Writing and Reading of Poetry Gone Out of Style?

    Many of us have got out of the habit of reading poetry - especially out loud.

    In the past, children would have to do this at school - and many would include reading poetry out loud as part of a drama activity.

    But does reading poetry aloud come with benefits?  Yes, and we share many of these benefits...

  • Making Your Home Smell Fresh, Naturally

    Unfortunately, many of can still be the target of synthetic scents which can cause harm.

    We share some of the toxic health effects of synthetic scents and how you can find more natural ways to make your home smell good...

  • How to Achieve Instant Calm with these Simple Solutions

    Sadly, more and more of us today seem to suffer from stress and anxiety.  And it is not helped by being bombarded with information and stimuli from technology (and its advances), from the media and even from our own environment.

    But help is at hand as we share some suggestions on how to reduce that stress and anxiety and help to achieve a calmer life for ourselves..

  • Warmer Weather Can Mean Insect Bites & Stings

    While some insect bites or stings can be mild, always be aware that others could result in severe reactions. But of course that slight risk should not stop you from enjoying all the health benefits of being outdoors.
  • Your Career Can be Linked to a Healthier Brain

    New research has suggested that the more you use your brain in your workplace, the less likely you are to suffer from memory loss or cognitive problems in your later life.
  • Now is the Time to Take Care of Your Gut Health

    When Spring comes round each year, we will often get the urge to spring clean our homes, our wardrobes and even our cars!  But have you ever given a thought to spring cleaning your gut?

    This can be an ideal time to think about how you look after your gut health.

    We share six suggestions on how this can be successfully achieved...

  • Do You Wake Up Each Morning With a Spring in Your Step!

    Some of us are morning people and others of course are better at night. 

    Unfortunately, most of us do have to get up reasonably early each morning in order to function for the day ahead.

    But are there ways to help make our mornings easier?

    The good news is that there are - and we share our top ten tips...