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  • Even Old Father Thames Cannot Escape From Plastic Pollution

    The River Thames has become so severely polluted with plastic that it is reshaping its shores and harming its wildlife.
  • Do You Stop to Think About the Drawbacks of Using Hand Sanitizers?

    We know they are everywhere - and it is hard to avoid them - but could hand sanitizers be causing you more harm than good?
  • Fireworks Have Hidden Dangers

    There are frequent occasions during the year when different countries have reason to celebrate – and often that celebration will take the form of a fireworks display.

    However exciting such a display may be, research is now coming forward to point out that toxic chemicals can affect the air quality when fireworks are set off.

  • If You Are Spending More Time Indoors, How Good is Your Air Quality?

    Why you should be keeping an eye on the quality of your indoors air...
  • Make the Most of the Beautiful Blue Skies!

    We don't know how long these will last but many cannot help but have noticed the deeper shade of blue in our skies this spring? We all know t...
  • The New Threat to Our Environment

    Just when we thought people were becoming more aware of the dangers of plastic, and other non-degradable waste, along comes a pandemic which heralds a whole new threat...
  • Why did Clover in Lawns Go out of Fashion?

    There are not many gardeners around who would remember what it was like to garden in the 1930s but the important fact to know is that lawns (before World War 2) were usually a mix of grass and clover. Find out what happened to change that!
  • The Increasing Trend for Growing Your Own Vegetables

    It is the start of the growing season for fruit and vegetables in the Northern hemisphere which has coincided with the lockdown affecting so many - worldwide. And with that lockdown, has come a new trend for growing your own vegetables!
  • The Village That Went Into Quarantine Over 350 Years Ago

    The village of Eyam which nestles beneath the hills of Hope Valley in Derbyshire, England, was one of the few places outside London to be infected with the Great Plague in 1685. The inhabitants were encouraged to make a sacrifice...
  • Could Composting be the Next Choice for End of Life?

    Composting as much organic waste as possible - it greatly benefits the soil - is often number one on the list of musts for keen gardeners. But is composting bodies after death a step too far?
  • How to Have Health & Safety in the Bathroom

    Everyone has a bathroom and toilet in their home, and some will have several. But how many of us actually enjoy cleaning them?
  • Greener Cleaning in your Home

    You only have to take a trip down the aisle devoted to cleaning and laundry products in your local supermarket for your senses to be bombarded with the strong smell of chemicals. What can you use instead?