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  • Growing Trend for Artificial Lawns Could Mean a Decline in Insect Numbers

    Of course, many people dislike insects and perhaps would not be too concerned about their decline in numbers but, if we really give it some thought, we will start to realize what an important part they play in the eco system.
  • Are You Still Using Aerosols in Your Home?

    Aerosol products account for a high percentage of all VOC emmisions in the western world with the average person in high-income countries using an some  ten aerosol cans every year - and most of these contain VOCs.  Is it not time to do something about this?
  • Why the Dandelion is the Gardener's Friend

    This is the busiest time of the year for dandelions - and here in the UK spring time, they are everywhere. 

    While many gardeners will look upon them as a nuisance weed, they have a surprising list of benefits to offer to you if you are a gardener.  Find out more about what these are...

  • Is it Time to Have a Less Than Perfect Lawn?

    Since the 1950s, many gardens (especially in the Western World) have had to have a well kept lawn as their focal point with gardeners going to great lengths to cut their grass every week - and to keep it neat and tidy with not a weed in sight.  But in these times of greater awareness about all things environmental, is this still the right way to garden?
  • Top Ten Tips for Planning a Home Office

    With more and more of the world's office workforce now working from home at least part of the time, don't you owe it to yourself, your comfort and your wellbeing to have a really good space to achieve your full potential?  We share our top ten tips on how you can plan this...
  • How Often Should We Launder Our Bed Linen?

    Everyone who sleeps in a bed has to worry about the regular chore of changing the bedlinen and putting the discarded sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover in the wash.

    But the big question might be: "How often should you wash your bed linen?" 

    We share some answers to this and other questions...

  • How Can You Stop Food Sticking To Non-Stick Pans?

    We have all experienced that problem of food sticking to pots and pans when cooking and having to soak them in water with a good sprinkling of baking soda to help remove the residue.

    But now the problem may have been solved!  Find out more...

  • Is it Just the Bluebird that Brings Happiness?

    Feeding garden birds has become a popular pastime in different parts of the world.  And a new study (by the German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research) reveals that greater bird biodiversity brings greater joy to people - so this pastime can help with our wellbeing too.
  • The Growing Trend for Fresh Water Swimming - and in All Weathers

    Outdoor swimming whether in the sea, in lakes or in rivers is growing in popularity.  Of course, the water is often cold and now research is saying that such cold water swimming could help protect the brain from degenerative diseases.  Find out more about all the other health benefits...
  • How to Increase the Microbes in the Plants we Eat!

    Humans have a microbiota made up of microbes which will defend us against unwanted disease and ailments.  Plants do too and we can benefit from their microbiota by eating a diet that is rich in organic fruit and vegetables.  Find out more about ensuring this happens!

  • Are You Up for This Challenge to Change to Better Ways for the Environment?

    Here in the UK, there is a twenty day challenge taking place but, even though it is current as I write, this challenge is relevant whenever it takes place and wherever you are.  Find out more about these twenty small challenges you could make...
  • Air Pollution and its Link with Learning

    Recent research has found that cutting air pollution levels by twenty per cent could improve children's "ability to learn" by one month each year.  Find out more about this research and how it could impact on your own children.