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  • Is it Time for Males To Get Back to the Grooming Zone?

    Sometimes barbers are open and sometimes they are not, depending on where you live and what the restrictions are. 

    The same rules and regulations can apply to gyms. 

    Even the working from home trend has meant less need to get smartened up for meetings and for work.

    Perhaps now is the time to re-think your self-care rituals and perhaps start using these again to add structure to your day?

  • How Beauty Trends have changed because of Lockdowns

    Lockdowns in different countries during recent times have meant many changes in people's life - and some of those changes have been about how we now look at skincare, make-up and even beauty routines.
  • Fighting Those Feelings of Fatigue

    There can be lots of reasons why you might be feeling the effects of fatigue. And if you can get to the bottom of why you are feeling tired all the time, you have a basis for coming up with a solution.
  • Are You A Magnet For Mosquitoes?

    Perhaps not so dangerous in the West, but a nuisance nevertheless, many of us can suffer pain and discomfort from mosquito bites at certain times of the year. Out of some three thousand species of mosquitoes in the world, roughly 200 can be found in the USA.
  • 50 Reasons Why Living Naturally is The Better Option

    It is becoming increasingly obvious to many of us that there is an enormous problem of toxicity in every aspect of our daily lives – seriously impacting on our health.