Why Poor Lifestyle Choices Are Harming Our Children |

Added October 7, 2010, Under: Children's Health, Drugs, Exercise, Nutrition

In spite of all the natural health articles, discussions and general attention to the dangers of prescription drugs, there has nevertheless been a huge increase in the use of long term prescription drugs by our children. Why we should be concerned The frightening fact is that more than 25% of children now take at least one prescription drug for a chronic condition. This means an ongoing long term ingestion of a pharmaceutical medication for at least 1 out of every 4 children. ...


Winter Colds & Flu? You Can Also CURE Them The Natural Way |

Added October 6, 2010, Under: Health, Sickness

If, in spite of all your good intentions and preparations to prevent a cold or flu in the first place, you find that you actually succumb, then you really need to take some time off to get as much rest and sleep as possible. It is not as easy as it sounds When your body is fighting a cold or flu, it is really working overtime so you need to give it some help to get it back to normal. Here is what ...


Winter Colds & Flu? You Can Prevent Them The Natural Way |

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Now that it is getting closer to the winter months in the northern hemisphere, don't put off getting your immune system in tip top condition to prevent those seasonal colds and flu bugs. Nobody wants to suffer from the misery of colds and flu so this is a case where prevention is so much better than a cure. Lots of things you can do to prevent a cold or flu naturally Keep those hands washed. Did you know that germs can live ...


A Legitimate & Natural Substance For Elevating Your Mood? Find Out More |

Added October 5, 2010, Under: Drugs, Health

There is a plant called Sceletium Tortuosum which in the past indigenous people in South Africa chewed to reduce stress, to relieve hunger, to sedate and to elevate moods. This sounds like something we could all do with. But is it too good to be true? Well according to research, this plant has great potential with few drawbacks. It has been found to have no ill effects or evidence of dependency. While it is usually chewed, it can also be made into a tea. The ...

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