5 Steps To Stop Those Sniffles, Sore Throats & Tickling Coughs

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Winter can mean all those cold and cough germs are doing the rounds - especially when you have young children in the home who bring them back from school and promptly share them with you! Here is how to use our 5 easy steps to minimize the discomfort those germs can cause, and help you and your family get better sooner too. Step 1 for onset of cold symptoms At the very first sign of sniffles and sneezes, start taking frequent doses of vitamin ...


Why Do We Get Those Painful Mouth Ulcers?

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Teen woman pressing her bruised cheek with a painful expression as if she's having a terrible tooth ache

Minor mouth ulcers will usually clear up quickly and could be caused by accidentally biting the inside of your cheek while eating or from a sharp tooth or filling. However, it is those painful mouth ulcers that keep coming back to cause so much discomfort that are the main problem. Mouth ulcers can be genetic It is thought that many serious mouth ulcer conditions run in families – with a figure as high as 40%. But there are several triggers, those factors that set ...


Astaxanthin & Its Ability to Help Avoid Wrinkles & Age Spots

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lobster dinner with lemon and lettuce garnish

In the natural world, astaxanthin is found in algae, fish, krill oil, lobsters, crab, crawfish and salmon but if you are not a great seafood eater from sustainable and safe sources, you might be deficient in this nutrient. Fortunately, it is possible to include it your diet in the form of a supplement. In case you are wondering, astaxanthin is pronounced “asta-ZAN-thin” Why astaxanthin is an important anti-aging tool Astaxanthin is especially important for both males and females to use as they grow older and ...


It Is Time To Change This Way Of Cooking?

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Cubes of rendered lard on wooden spatula

Are you using vegetable oils to heat up when using a frying pan? Do you consider these vegetable oils to be the safer option? Vegetable oils have a long history but the history of animal fats is considerably longer… Some 100 years ago, the then soap company Proctor & Gamble bought into a German scientist’s idea to use waste plant material to formulate a product to resemble lard and cook like lard but that was nothing like lard. With clever and massive marketing, ...


Sing The Song You Were Born To Sing

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Do you enjoying singing?  It can be in the bath or the shower, accompanying the radio when you are driving or even singing and dancing around the house to music.  You can also join a local choir - they continue to grow in popularity. Just one word of warning - be wary of singing out loud in public places when you have headphones on!  The family connection Not his career, but a huge and much loved hobby, my brother has been rocking down ...


Falling Can Be Risky Whatever Your Age

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Hand auf Gelnder

When I was a child, I seemed to be particularly clumsy with permanently scarred, bruised and battered knees. My mother’s solution was to send me to ballet classes from a young age in the hope that I would become more graceful. It didn’t make much difference and now decades later, I have survived many trips and falls. I don’t want to jinx it so I am just going whisper - that I have never actually broken anything. Now my daughter is convinced that ...


The Shingles Shot & Should You Succumb?

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Hand hold syringe with greeen liquid on gray background

One of the results of having some vaccine shots can be the shedding that can take place. There is a vaccine that is recommended for those over the age of 60 or 70 in an attempt to prevent the onset of shingles to the vulnerable. This shingles vaccine is just one example of those that shed live virus, even continuing to do so for many weeks or months afterwards - to possibly infect those around. What happens when the shingles vaccine sheds? Recent ...


Three Ways To Ward Off Some Of That Damage From Smoking

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Man light a cigarette

You may have recently given up smoking or you are struggling to do so. You might even be forced to endure second hand smoke.  Whatever the reason, there are some natural remedies you can use for improving your lung health. Firstly, try adding these nourishing and natural additives to your daily meals Ginger is an ancient spice with healing powers, helping to eliminate excess mucus in the lungs. Onion and garlic are both extremely healthy with their proven anti cancer properties while onion in ...


How To Avoid That Afternoon “Slow Down” When You Are Working

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Man with beard in glasses sleeps in office on the table over laptop with coffee in hand

Working a long day, after commuting to and from work and perhaps following a disturbed night’s sleep for whatever reason, can often lead to that feeling of sleepiness and failed productivity by mid afternoon. What can you do about it? If you work from home, then it is no longer a problem. You have the double advantage of no commuting and being able to organize your hours for optimum productivity. But not everyone is that fortunate although the numbers working from home ...


Help To Prevent Alzheimer’s Onset By Raising Your Vitamin D Levels

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terza eta

Although forecasts for the future are difficult to predict and could be way out, one that comes up again and again is the expected and high rise in the cases of Alzheimer’s. It is said that more than 28 million American baby boomers will develop Alzheimer's disease during the course of their lifetimes. Of course, pharmaceutical companies are busy researching treatment for this disease while governments and charities are providing or raising funds for research. Sadly, the emphasis has been on treatment rather ...

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