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How To Slow Down The Aging Process In 6 Different Areas Of Your Body

Happy senior couple having fun together in park. We might be getting older but many parts of our bodies constantly renew and rejuvenate, helped along by a healthier lifestyle including regular exercise, a healthy diet with lots of whole, living foods and a good night's sleep while avoiding smoking and sugar and cutting down on alcoholic consumption.

Some of the details of the “goings on” in different parts of the body

  • Our brain is always the same age as our actual age because we start life with some 100 billion brain cells and unfortunately these gradually diminish as we age. However, the good news is that our olfactory bulb (looking after our sense of smell) and the hippocampus (vital for learning new things) can constanly be regenerated by just keeping the brain working. The older you become, the more important to keep on learning new techniques. Don't dismiss new technology because you say you are too old. You will become old because of that very dismissal. If you have elderly parents, encourage them to keep on learning as well as socialising, reading, doing puzzles and crosswords, playing bridge and much more. Some good brain food to include in your diet would be broccoli, free range eggs, raw nuts, pumpkin seeds and more.
  • We replace 10% of our bone every year while our entire skelton is renewed every 10 years. Bone is a living tissue that needs to be exercised (just like muscle) and nourished. Weight bearing exercise is essential for building bones including skipping, rowing on a machine or running up stairs as often as you can. Foods to nourish your bones include bone broth, prunes, onions, sage and raw dairy.
  • Our intestines are lined with cells known as villi which absorb those nutrients in the foods we eat and are constantly being renewed. Eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit along with fiber rich foods help the process along.
  • While our liver has a great capacity for regeneration, it can be seriously damaged by alcohol abuse and by excessive sugar consumption too. Cirrhosis means the liver becomes so damaged that it can no longer cope. Respect your liver by cutting down alcohol and cutting out almost all sugar consumption which is a true poison for your liver. At the same time, detox your liver with the help of milk thistle. The milk thistle is a unique liver protectant and for this reason it can be used as a hangover cure too. The milk thistle is even more interesting because it has no equal in the world of conventional medicine.
  • The top layer of our skin constantly sheds dead cells and replaces them with new. Unfortunately with ageing, the layer of collagen and elastic tissue underneath the skin depletes and is not renewed. For added protection, avoid smoking and increase your antioxidant intake with a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruit and drink lots of pure, filtered water. For a completely natural, safe and gentle treatment for your skin, and wrinkles in particular, H-Glow could be very helpful.
  • Our tongues have some 10 thousand taste buds which completely renew themselves over the space of one to two weeks, making it easier to train your new taste buds away from refined, processed sugary or salty foods to healthier natural, whole foods in just a couple of weeks. Our taste buds can be dulled by smoking, by foods that are too spicy and by foods and drinks that are very hot.
The simple act of changing to a healthier lifestyle can ensure you become younger than your biological age.