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  • A Very Natural Home Remedy for Eczema

    Did you know that the skin condition eczema affects more than 30 million people in the United States, appearing as an itchy, burning, red rash that can cause your skin to swell and peel.  It can be very painful.

    There may well be an all-natural home remedy lurking in your kitchen cupboard.  And it is known as apple cider vinegar.  

  • Keeping Your Children Safe from Poisoning in the Home and Beyond

    It is not just the case of the curiosity of cats getting them into trouble, children can have the same problem.

    Accidental poisoning can strike where it is least expected, meaning parents of children of all ages need to be on guard.

  • Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep to Reach Their Full Potential?

    We all need regular and sufficient sleep - whatever our age.  Ensuring your children get their quota of sleep is important for the parents' well being and crucial for your child to reach their full potential – emotionally, physically and cognitively.

  • Seeds are Small in Size But Big on Health Benefits

    Easily available to purchase from health stores, bakeries and even supermarkets, we share these six seeds that we love to include in our everyday diet.
  • How To Refresh Family Relationships

    Lockdowns seem to come and go and we may have to live with them on and off for some time to come, ensuring that families spend more time together than perhaps they would in more normal times.

    This can of course put a strain on family relationships.  We share some ways in which we can ease that strain...

  • The New Threat to Our Environment

    Just when we thought people were becoming more aware of the dangers of plastic, and other non-degradable waste, along comes a pandemic which heralds a whole new threat...
  • Reach for a Rainbow in What You Eat for Optimum Health Benefits

    Leading nutritionists recommend that we eat at least thirty - yes 30 - different types of fruits and vegetables in a week, selecting a rainbow of different colors for all types of phytochemicals as a feast for our gut health. And each color contains a range of those phytocemicals.
  • Children & What to Put on Their Toothbrushes?

    Parents of babies and young children frequently ask which toothpaste they should use for them? However, using toothpaste can be more trouble and mess that it is worth. What can you use instead to protect their young teeth?
  • Is There a Thumb Sucker in Your Home?

    I was a thumb sucker as a child (up until at least the age of twelve) and unfortunately the habit did a lot of damage to my teeth and my jaw so t...
  • How to Have Health & Safety in the Bathroom

    Everyone has a bathroom and toilet in their home, and some will have several. But how many of us actually enjoy cleaning them?
  • How To Understand & Help the Highly Sensitive Child

    It might be hard to imagine that 15 to 20% of all children are born highly sensitive, meaning they can be deeply reflective, sensitive to those things that non-HSC are not, and can be easily overwhelmed. Find out about a publication that can be very helpful...
  • Helping Your Child to Beat the Bed Wetting

    Bed wetting is a very common childhood problem. It is now considered to be a medical condition and not just something that children will grow out of. Find out more...