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How to Avoid Health Hazards at Cosmetic Counters

 width= Many of us will spend time at the cosmetics counter in the local department store. Unfortunately, the ingredients in many cosmetics today can be toxic while microbiologist have known about the link between many beauty products and pathogens for decades. We can avoid such toxic ingredients by switching to a more natural type of cosmetic and beauty product. While the cosmetics themselves also contain preservatives to help slow down the growth of microbes, they can become contaminated if people use less-than-clean brushes, sponges or even or fingers to apply them. Again, they can also become contaminated if they are poorly handled and stored. Warm and humid or damp conditions in bathrooms can provide the perfect breeding ground.


Avoid trying out different beauty product samples at the cosmetics counter

This is because you just don't know what infections other people might have who have tried out those samples before you. Would you share your toothbrush with strangers (or even friends)? I don't think so. You need to be ultra fussy about your own cosmetics at home too...

Keep make up brushes and sponges clean

These also have the potential to act as places in which bacteria can survive and thrive. Beauty blenders and brushes are often dampened with water to help the application of eyeshadows and foundation, promoting rapid bacterial growth. A staphylococcus infection is one example. Hard to imagine I know but, in earlier decades when mascara came in a solid cake, women would spit on to the mascara to make it wet and more liquid so they could then use the small accompanying brush to apply to their lashes. As a child, I remember watching my own mother do this!

Mascara wands and eyeliners are another problem area

They can lead to irritation and conjunctivitis as a result of being contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Research has found that 43% of such wands and eyeliners contain contaminants. Never share mascara or use up old mascara that has been sitting unused for months in your make-up collection. You could end up with conjunctivitis (pink eye). Be aware that symptoms of pink eye are: redness, a watery discharge and, in rare instances, blindness. So not a condition to be taken lightly. It is also very contagious.

Allow your lashes to do their job

While we might love the thought of long, dark and sweeping eye lashes, we should not forget their true function - to block out dirt and bacteria. Lashes can be prone to the risk of eye infections if we don't pay attention to the state and hygiene of the equipment that we use to apply mascara and other eye make up.

Tips to take care of your precious eyes

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