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Good News About The Ozone Layer!

 width= A UN report has given the good news that the ozone level is finally healing. Several decades ago, we were warned that the Earth's protective layer was getting thinner and had been since the 1970s - and we all became very alarmed at the harm we were doing with our aerosol sprays and coolants from our refrigerators. We were told how the use of man-made chemicals (which we came to know as CFS or chlorofluorocarbons and which release chlorine and bromine), were eating away at the precious ozone layer. The ozone layer is so precious because it shields the Earth from the ultraviolet rays that can cause harm to our skins, damage crops and other problems.

How did the world respond?

Would you believe that everyone got together in 1987 and agreed, through the Montreal Protocol, to phase out CFCs. Big business and manufacturers quickly came up with replacements. What a difference to today when so many deny climate change and politicians constantly muddy the waters.  width=

And the result today?

The upper ozone layer above the Northern Hemisphere is set to be completely repaired by the 2030s while that big former hole above the Antarctic should completely disappear in the 2060s. The replacement of the former ozone-depleting substances turned back the clock and stopped any further deterioration in their tracks. Something of which those countries behind the Montreal Protocol can be very proud. At its very worst in the 1980s, approximately 10% of the upper ozone layer had been depleted. But since 2000, it has increased by between 1% to 3% per decade. The only way is up!