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The Cruisin' Motion Soother & Is This The Answer To Your Baby's Sleeping Problems? | Amoils.com

org_Argos_4_56610638_argos-Cruisin-Motion-Soother Many parents find that one of the easiest ways to get their restless baby to sleep – perhaps they have become over tired or are teething – is to place their baby in a car seat and drive around the neighborhood until he or she falls asleep. They then carry through the baby seat to the baby's cot and if a deep sleep has now taken over, they move their baby into his or her normal sleeping place. This method is certainly not new because I used to resort to this with my youngest child in the 1970s and she is now a mother herself with a similar problem. Never one to miss a business opportunity, companies are always inventing gadgets to put and keep your baby asleep. They know that tired and working parents will pay a high price for a good night's sleep. Now Fisher-Price have had a brainwave and come up with an imitation car trip – a seat that simulates a car journey. This brand new product rocks babies to sleep at home by imitating the swaying of a moving car AND the noise of the engine. “The Fisher-Price Cruisin’ Motion Soother sees your baby strapped into a snug bucket seat, where they feel the uneven motions of a car ride. There are also sounds that mimic engine hum and other noises.” And they did they homework as a survey revealed that 40% of new mothers drive their babies around to get them to doze off. It is a surprisingly common practice. I think this new soother is a great idea – just think of the saving of gas, and time, and wear and tear on your vehicle (not to mention the environment) and the cost is approximately $34.99. Of course such a gadget is not going to fit your baby or young child indefinitely so you will in time need to decide on a strategy for your baby's sleeping habits. Everyone has different ideas about where a baby should or should not sleep but don't always bow to pressure and wherever all family members sleep the best, is the right way for you and your baby. Each baby is of course unique and while some will sleep the best in their own cot and in their own room, others sleep more happily in a cot next to their parents' bed or even snuggled right in bed next to their mother. Such sleeping arrangements can change from time to time during the baby's first two years of life for a variety of reasons. But do try to aim for having your child sleeping in his or her own bed (and if possible own room) by the time they are 2 years old. Eventually, you and your baby will work out the best sleeping arrangement for you both particularly as your child grows older. In the early days, you just need to remember that the way your baby goes to sleep at night is the way they will want to go back to sleep if they happen to wake up during the night. So it might be better if you can vary the methods used to put your baby to sleep unless of course you are lucky enough to have a child who goes off to sleep quite happily every night with no fuss and no special treatment – a self soothing method. Unfortunately, such babies seem to be few and far between. Some need to be rocked or nursed to sleep either by breast feeding or bottle feeding while others like to be sung to sleep - these are the babies who need the parent soothing method which can of course be tiring and time consuming for the parent. Whatever method you use to put your baby to sleep at night (and even during the day), it should be a happy experience for both of you. The Cruisin' Motion Soother could be just what you have been waiting for!