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Top Ten Tinsel Tips For Wrapping Christmas Gifts

 width= Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or any other special occasion, wrapping gifts is an important part of the celebrations. If you can gift wrap in a beautifully presented way, you will make the recipient feel extra special. But it can take a little bit of time and effort. We help you produce some uniquely wrapped special gifts with our top ten tips. And here they are...

Try these top ten tips

  1. Get all your materials needed ready before you begin. If you want a lovely neat parcel, then don't be tempted to use too much paper. Before trimming, wrap the paper around the box. The ends should overlap by just a couple of inches while the folded ends should extend a little more than halfway up the parcel.
  2. Invest in a roll of thin double sided tape in place of regular sticky tape. This will give you a much smarter and more professional finish.
  3. If you are using plain white or colored paper, give it a more personal look with the use of stencils, stamps, printed or checked ribbon as well as decorative tape or even raffia. If you decide to use glitter, remember that the regular version is made of plastic. Instead buy the new eco glitter.
  4. One idea is to print out photos of the friends and family you are gifting. Then make them into personalized gift tags to easily identify their presents.
  5. Are you giving more than one gift to a friend or family member? Use the same color scheme or theme for each gift so that the final design and colors complement each other when they receive them.
  6. If you find it easier to use a gift bag in place of wrapping paper (and many men do!) then use colored tissue paper as a filler. Use two different colored sheets laid at an angle to each other. Gather up both in the center and gently twist before placing in the bag with the twisted center down. The contrasting corners will show at the top of the bag.
  7. Add sprigs of garden herbs such as lavender or rosemary, or even holly complete with red berries or mistletoe, to your parcels.
  8. Don't discard left-over strips of gift wrap. Use them to create a contrasting sash around the middle of your gift.
  9. if you have a bit of time to spare, make your own bunting from left-over gift wrap and use in place of ribbon.
  10. Finally, when the presents are all unwrapped and your family is surrounded by a pile of wrapping paper, gather some of it up and create a festive lining for gift boxes and tins (for next time) by putting the paper through a paper shredder. Obviously, we encourage you to recycle everything else!

What about the gifts themselves?

Our suggestions for some lovely natural gifts to buy and wrap for your friends and family can be found right here...
  • A selection of single oils is one suggestion. There are seven different ones to choose from.
  • A cornucopia of beauty products is another from our “Simply” range. There are eight different ones from which to choose.