This Simple Cancer Preventative Is Back In The News! |

Added December 8, 2010, Under: Diseases, Men's Health, Women's Health

The humble Aspirin has had a rather “up and down” time of it lately. First it was said that taking half an aspirin every day would thin your blood, cutting the risk of heart attacks and strokes among those at increased risk. Then it went out of favor because it increased the risks of stomach and gut bleeds. And now lo and behold it is all good to take aspirin every day again up to the age of 70 to ...


Trouble Sticking To That Diet? Green Tea Could Be The Solution |

Added December 7, 2010, Under: Diets, Diseases, Health

If you are watching your weight, reducing your helpings and trying to eat healthily but perhaps feeling that you have not had enough to eat at the end of the meal, this might be the solution for you. Research published in the Nutrition Journal suggests that the antioxidant-rich beverage of green tea could boost feelings of fullness if drunk with a meal rather than water. The researchers, led by Dr Julija Josic from Lund University, Sweden, reported that they were happy ...


Stressed out? Let Cats & Dogs Show Us The Way! |

Added December 6, 2010, Under: Exercise, Headaches & Migraines, Men's Health, Skin Conditions, Women's Health

It is said that if you take a look at a dog or a cat when they are sleeping, they are perfectly relaxed. They know how to do it. Their brains have been switched off, their bodies are free of tension and they have gone into peaceful, sleep mode. Unfortunately, and because of our stressful lives, many of us have lost the ability to do this. We need to relearn how to relax again. In fact just owning a pet can ...


Where Do You Stand On The Great Vitamin D Debate? |

Added December 5, 2010, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Health, Nutrition

The Institute of Medicine's very recent report on the importance of vitamin D and calcium has unleashed a storm of media coverage among those that are accepting the report as gospel (mostly mainstream media) and those who are furious that all their hard work in promoting the use of vitamin D for optimum health has now been dismissed (mostly natural health media). The Health Ranger of Natural News says “Earlier this week, the Institute of Medicine finally got around to reluctantly admitting ...


Airline Food & Is It Always Awful? |

Added December 3, 2010, Under: Health, Nutrition, Technology

My children never eat airline food on a long haul flight – they are convinced that the meals contain an ingredient to make you constipated so that the plane toilets are not over utilized! They always have a substantial meal at the airport while they are waiting for their flight and then they ignore the food on board.  I must say that I enjoy getting drinks, snacks and even meals on long haul flights – it does help to relieve ...

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