Toxic Chemicals Are All Around Us But How Can You Protect Yourself? |

Added January 17, 2011, Under: Babies, Environment, Parents, Pregnancy

These days, we all worry about the excess of chemicals in our every day lives and of course in the environment itself. We worry even more about anything that adversely affects a mom-to-be and her unborn child. Now a recent report in a new study from the University of California in San Francisco has revealed that 100 percent of expectant mothers are exposed to multiple chemicals. The Health Ranger in his NaturalNewsletter has written even more about the various chemicals found ...


7 Tips For Keeping Children Drug-Free & Healthy |

Added January 14, 2011, Under: Children's Health, Exercise, Nutrition, Parents

In a recent blog, I wrote about the high level of drug medication given to children in the US and how children are now being prescribed medications like sleeping pills, diabetes drugs and even statin drugs which in the past were typically only prescribed for adults. Now Dr Mercola has written about the same subject in his article in which he has included the following tips - very important for every parent to read. Tips for Keeping Your Child Drug-Free and Healthy It's ...


Did You Get H1N1 Flu? You Could Now Have Super Antibodies |

Added January 11, 2011, Under: Diseases, Health, Technology

The whole subject of flu vaccines has caused much heated debate between those for and against ever since the outbreak of H1N1 or swine flu in 2009. When the outbreak first occurred, there was a lot of panic and the WHO declared it a pandemic. Everyone was fighting over stocks of flu vaccine and then it all died down just as quickly as it started, so that various health authorities were left with a huge stockpile of vaccine which they had ...


What Does The Future Hold For The Humble Bumble Bee? |

Added January 9, 2011, Under: Environment, Nutrition

Facts and figures on the bumble bee The United States is home to fifty bumble bee species, and researchers at the University of Illinois examined eight of them. Of these 8 species, 4 had declined an average of 96% in total abundance, and now occupy just 13% of their previous geographic range in just 20 years. They say that the bumble bee deaths may or may not be related to the ongoing colony collapse phenomenon that is affecting honey bees. These kind ...


How To Live More Healthily In Twenty Easy Steps |

Added January 7, 2011, Under: Exercise, Health, Nutrition

Don't you sometimes feel that natural health sites almost bully you into being more healthy? If it is too complicated to chose the healthy way, then human nature will dictate that you take the easy way but that is usually the unhealthy choice. So I decided to put together a list of 20 simple and sensible ways to be more healthy for 2011. Nothing takes too much effort but if you can follow just a few of these suggestions, you will ...


Blueberries A Big Super Food In A Very Small Package |

Added , Under: Diseases, Health, Nutrition

  We bought a blueberry bush at the local garden center just for fun a few weeks ago. It has its place in the sun with plenty of water and regular organic plant food and we have been picking a good handful or two of berries every day ever since – from one plant! Our visitors have been very intrigued with it. I know it is summer now where I live in the southern hemisphere, but if you are able to ...


One In Four USA Children Are On Pharmaceutical Drugs & What Every Parent Should Know |

Added January 5, 2011, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Doctors, Drugs, Parents

With recent surveys revealing that more than 1 in 4 children in the US are on pharmaceutical drugs for chronic conditions, anyone with an ounce of concern would find these figures shocking. Whilst obviously there will always be some children with serious illnesses who would need such medication, there is something very wrong here. One of the reasons affecting this statistic is surely the $10 billion federal disability program which gives low-income parents a strong financial incentive to have their children ...


GMOs & Are You Concerned About Them? |

Added January 3, 2011, Under: Diets, Environment, Health, Nutrition

The subject of GMOs is highly emotive with many people believing that GMOs are a way to feed the world's growing population. But on the other hand, there is a growing band of concerned people who are completely against GMOs, citing that the crops are a threat to the environment, to our health and affect plant biodiversity. How do GMOs work? Although initially GM crops require fewer herbicides and pesticides, after a time they actually need significantly more of both. They threaten ...

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