A Healthy & Innovative Alternative For Babies With Milk Allergies |

Added May 15, 2011, Under: Babies, Children's Health, New Moms, Nutrition

  There is a newcomer to the milk production industry and according to studies in Italy, it is proving to be a good alternative milk choice for those babies and children who suffer from cows milk allergies. This new kid on the block is the humble donkey. According to the head pediatrician at the allergy unit at St. Anna Hospital in Turin, Italy, studies have been carried out on the effects of donkey milk for the past 7 years. And the donkeys ...


If Your Care About Your Eye Health, Include Bilberries In Your Diet |

Added May 14, 2011, Under: Diseases, Men's Health, Women's Health

  People often confuse the bilberry with the blueberry and of course both these delicious fruits have wonderful health benefits, especially their strong antioxidant properties. Although bilberries and blueberries are similar in appearance and closely related, the bilberry is proven to have special benefits for eye health. And these eye health benefits are not something recent as - for example - British World War 2 pilots reported improved night vision when flying after eating bilberry jam! Why are bilberries so healthy? Bilberries possess ...


10 Ways to Lose Belly Fat, Healthily |

Added May 13, 2011, Under: Diets, Exercise, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

I am sure you have all seen those ads that continually pop up on your computer screen promoting 5 foods that you should not eat to lose belly fat such as “Cut Down a Bit of Your Belly by Using This One Weird Old Tip”. So instead here are 10 ways (including foods) that you can eat and use to lose belly fat – but these are all healthy options. And I know they work because my husband followed these tips and ...


Pregnancy & The Importance Of Vitamin D |

Added May 11, 2011, Under: Babies, Children's Health, New Moms, Nutrition, Vitamin D

    The average liter of breast milk contains insufficient vitamin D and so mothers need to boost this. Sunlight is the ideal way to go with half an hour's exposure especially between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm on a daily basis. Sunlight (UV-B) is a primary and effective way to fulfill the requirement of Vitamin D. This is why many experts recommend getting an exposure of sunlight for at least 15-20 minutes daily but remember the darker your ...


Candles in the Home & Are They Safe to Use? |

Added May 10, 2011, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Headaches & Migraines, Health

  We all like to use candles as an essential part of modern décor in our homes. Well, now it seems that candles can be unsafe both from toxic chemicals in the artificial fragrances used and the presence of lead wicks or a mixture containing lead (particularly used in imported candles). What are the risks? It is those slow burning types of candles that can pose the highest risk. If they have lead metal wicks, they can give off minute lead particles that ...


12 Ways On How To Use A Tea Bag To Fix A Health Problem |

Added May 9, 2011, Under: Health, Sickness, Skin Conditions

  Sometimes just the simplest things in life can do the job! Take tea bags for example – here are a dozen ways to use a tea bag for fixing those every day health hiccups. Conjunctivitis - you can use a chamomile tea bag as a compress to reduce the inflammation of conjunctivitis by just putting a tea bag in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes before squeezing out any excess liquid and placing on the infected eye for a few ...


Many with Bipolar have Exceptional & Gifted Ability |

Added May 5, 2011, Under: Diseases, Drugs, Health

  Is bipolar disorder becoming more common or is it a coincidence that I have heard it spoken of so often in the past couple of years? The actress, Catherine Zeta Jones, has very recently “come out” to tell us that she is suffering from bipolar 11 (which is a less severe version of this condition). This mental illness used to be known as manic depression but it can be treated to enable those with the disorder to go on to lead ...


This Is Number 2 In The Top Ten List Of The Most Nutritious Vegetables |

Added May 2, 2011, Under: Nutrition, Top 10

  Sadly, when George Bush was President of the US and said “I do not like broccoli...and I haven't liked it since I was a little kid when my mother made me eat it”, he just did not know what he was missing out on! Fortunately, he is in the minority with this vegetable (particularly with adults) as it is one of the most popular and one of the easiest to buy all year round. But unless they are brought up with ...

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