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Red Moles on the Skin - Diagnosis & Removal

red moles on skinMoles are an extremely common condition and in fact everyone has at least one mole on their body. Some people have up to 40 moles and this is why mole removal is of importance to many. We can tell you how to remove skin moles including many home remedies for mole removal with our mole removal tips set out below.

Moles are caused by the melanocytes in our skin. Melanocytes are a type of skin cell responsible for producing brown pigment which when exposed to the sun gives us a sun tan. Groups of melanocytes often form colored lumps and these are moles and of course ordinary moles are harmless. But we still might want to remove moles for various reasons such as our appearance, getting in the way of shaving or perhaps rubbing on clothing or jewellery.

One of the options for a home remedy for mole removal is a natural remedy available on line and made from pure essential oils. You can apply such a mole removal product gently and successfully in the comfort of your own home safe in the knowledge that there will be no burning or scarring – unlike a chemical or excision solution.

The surgical removal of moles has been very commonly used for many years. A doctor will cut the mole out of your skin and stitch up the resulting hole. This method can be painful and will usually leave a scar. Alternatively, your doctor or dermatologist may use the method known as excision with cauterization. The moles are burnt off and the wound cauterized by using electricity. Again, pain and scarring could occur.

The laser method of mole removal leaves no scarring but it does have its drawbacks. It cannot be used for deep moles because the laser light does not penetrate deeply enough. Sometimes the cells below the surface of the mole grow back when laser treatment is used which then means the mole itself comes back too.

Then there are some “old fashioned” home remedies which you might care to try out for your mole removal:

o Walnut remedies – make cuts into the outer shells of some walnuts and rub the juice that oozes out of these cuts onto the mole. The juice may cause a tingling sensation especially in those with a sensitive skin and you may notice the area becomes darker. This means the juice is working on the mole and the removal process has begun.
o Milkweed herb remedy – apply extract of the milkweed herb then leave it on for the night. After a week’s treatment, you will see the mole has whitened and is on the verge of disappearing.
o Dandelion root – cut the root of the dandelion, rub this root on the mole so that the milky juice covers the mole completely. Repeat two or three times per day – slowly the mole will detach from the skin and fall off.
o Tincture of Iodine – a nightly application of this tincture over two to three days will see the start of the disappearance of your mole.
o Drumstick pods and lime juice – make these two ingredients into a paste and apply to any moles continuously so that the moles start to thin and disappear.
o Roasted pomegranate fruit and lime juice – Mixing equal amounts of these two ingredients into a paste and applying to your moles for several nights is another home remedy for mole removal you can try.
o Grapefruit – squeeze for juice and apply to moles repeatedly several times per day and within a month, your moles will have disappeared.
o Aloe Vera gel – use by applying to a mole with a cotton bandage and leaving for three hours so that it is completely absorbed. Then apply more gel using a fresh bandage. After several weeks, the moles will have gone.

These home remedy mole removal tips have been used for years and in some cases handed down from generation to generation.

While on the subject of how to remove skin moles, it is always important to be aware of any changes in your moles. Such changes should be checked by a doctor or a dermatologist to rule out any suspicious moles.

Very occasionally, the cells in the mole can become cancerous and we get cancerous moles that start to grow and spread. This cancer is called a malignant melanoma.

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